Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tuesday 05.10.10


We have started to send O to my mums on a Monday night to stay over. We do this for many reasons like, I work on a Tuesday and my mum is our childcare, we want O to be comfortable with staying other places (I never really was as a child) and we wanted some "us" time where we are not mum and dad for just a little while.

So far it is going really well and O is staying with no problems, my mum loves having her and we are enjoying a night off. So far we have not done anything other than get organised, share a bottle of wine and watch a movie but this is lovely.

However, I now find Tuesday really stressful! I get up prepare something for dinner that can cook all day in the slow cooker or something that is ready in 15 mins. This is because I have started a Zumba class at 6.30pm on a Tuesday. I love it, it is so much fun and I can feel it working me out! But I am not back in the house until 7.45pm just in time to give O her bottle and put her to bed (having not seen her all day). Then we have a late dinner, I shower and then we get ready for the next day!

Anyway, enough of the moaning about a situation that I choose to be in!!

Today's look is:

Grey Skinny Jeans - Old Navy
Grey top - Topshop
Coral cardigan - J. Crew
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Charlotte Russe

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday 02.10.10


These fabulous leggings came into the shop last week and I took a pair home with me. I then thought that I had nothing to wear them with. But I was wrong!!
I think that these make my usual leggings and tunic combos a bit more exciting!

These boots are like new boots, I did not wear them at all last winter as I did not wear heels when I was pregnant. I am loving all the new (but not new) clothes that I have!!

Today's look is:

Tunic - Blend
Cami - Walmart
Leggings - Blend @ i am.....
Boots - Nine west
Bag - Blend @ i am.....

News! News! News!

i am..... boutique now has an online store!!


I am very excited about this new direction and challenge! At the moment I have only listed a small selection of styles and we are only shipping in the UK. But rest assured that this is all just until we find our feet and get into the rhythm of things!

Get over there and check it out and tell all of your friends! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that SHIPPING IS FREE ON ALL ORDERS!!