Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28.01.


Today is yet another short day for me (I have a Thursday afternoon off). When I finish I am off to meet my mum and sister for lunch and then my other sister is cutting my hair! YAY - goodbye helmet hair!!

I am so, so glad that I bought these cord trousers in Target back in November (way before I needed maternity clothes). They are so much more comfortable, stylish and adaptable (for me) than my maternity jeans. I feel that I am smart enough to go anywhere for lunch today - yet comfortable enough to work and have my hair done!

Today's outfit is:

Grey Cords - Liz Lange Target
T-shirt - Tesco
Cardigan - Hollister
Scarf - H&M
Shoes - Converse

Wednesday 27.01.


I should have been in the shop all day yesterday, but we had a furniture delivery (baby things) scheduled for some time between 7am and 2pm!!

So my mum very kindly opened the shop for me and I waited in on the delivery - in typical style it arrived at around 1.30pm!! However, I now have a very clean and well organised kitchen and an empty washing basket!!

Wednesday's outfit was:

Grey tunic/dress - River Island
Leggings - Primark
Cardigan - River Island
Socks - eBay
Scarf - BlendShe
Boots - Bakers

Tuesday 26.01.


Oh dear! I really have got a bit behind with posting! Oh well I have pictures from the last few days and I have some time - so I going to try and get caught up!

Tuesday was a busy day, lots of people in looking for a bargain and plenty of new styles to get organised.

Tuesday's outfit was:

Jeans - H&M Maternity
T-shirt - BlendShe @ i am.....
Cardigan - Target
Scarf - eBay
Shoes - American Eagle

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Things to do - 2010!

I wanted to post a little update on the things that I want to achieve this year!
I am happy with how things are going - as I said at the time I kept the list of things real to me (and to us as family).

One of my main points on the list was to make our house a home with the use of cushions and colour etc, etc. Well I really did/do want to learn to sew my own cushions so that I get the very thing that I want......... But we were in TK Maxx this weekend and I spied to stunning cushions that I had to have!


They are differing shades of green (almost identical to a lamp that we have, but far enough away to be not matchy, matchy) stripe. They are rectangular and they are down filled! Best of all they were £9.99 each - bargain. The retail price was £39.99 each!!

I am still hoping to get crafty and learn to make some myself but these just fit the bill (and the space on the sofa) so well that I could not refuse.

As for the other points on the list things are going well. I am still making a real effort with the recycling and reusing. I am not automatically throwing yogurt pots etc in the bin I am now rinsing and recycling. Also this last week I opened a new micro-fibre hair towel thing to use and was not impressed, so I cut it up and it is now 2 new cloths for cleaning the bathroom!
Baby steps, but it all counts right??

Saturday 23.01.


Saturday was another day where before I knew where I was it was time to go home! Again I had no time to post but I had snapped a picture!

I love this tunic so much - the sleeves are just fabulous! I am thinking that I may not wear it again until after the baby comes along as I really do not want to stretch it out. But, at the same time, I have so little that I actually like to wear and feel like me in that I may just keep wearing it until there is not more stretch left!?!

Saturday's outfit was:

Cream Tunic - Vila @ i am.....
Cami - Vila
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Bakers
Necklace - Bakers

Friday 22.01.


Wow - what a long time ago Friday was!? (I am not sure that made very much sense, but OK).

Friday was one of those days that just ran away with me - you know the ones where you look up and it is ten minutes until home time?? I had one of those.

It started off bad when the puppy was up being sick just before 1am. It got a bit worse when she was sick twice more while I was eating breakfast, it got worse still when the vet confirmed that he was going to have to see her. The vet we use is about 15 miles away, I was due to start work and my bf was away with work, so I called my dad who came to the rescue and took her to the vet - where she was kept in all day being checked out!

The day got lots worse when my dad collected her and was given a large bill and then told that they have no idea why she was sick - oh and that it may happen again!! JOY!!

As well as all of this, I took delivery of a few orders for the new season, so I was very busy getting that organised and displayed. But I still did manage to snap a picture of what I was wearing.

Friday's outfit was:

Grey Dress - Target
Cardigan - Vila
Tights - Primark
Scarf - Old Navy
Boots - Bakers

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

What a week it has been! It started out all lovely after being away for the weekend and then, well then it seems to have just got a bit manic!

My bf has been away with work and I have had a very sick puppy - she is OK, but she has spent a day at the vet with them x-raying and examining her!

On top of this I have had deliveries of new season stock coming in all week, so I have been busy unpacking, checking and photographing all of that.

However, I do have outfit pictures from the last few days that I aim to get posted over the next few days - and then hopefully next week will be slightly calmer!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday 21.01.


I have to say that I am really loving my look for today!

I knew that I wanted something easy and comfortable (as I have an afternoon of errands and to-ing and fro-ing) but I really feel that the addition of this cardigan has just lifted this from a boring old tunic legging combo to an actual put together look!

I love the mustard colour of this tunic and the detailing is very pretty and I always feel that the colours are unexpected.


I have said it before and I am sure that I will say it again........ But I am so glad that I went back and spent $100 on this fabulous cardigan. So far I have not found anything that it does not compliment!!


Today's outfit is:

Tunic - Mina UK
Leggings - Oasis
Cardigan - Abercrombie & Fitch
Jewellery - Plume
Boots - Faith

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday 20.01.


It is after 4pm and I was not going to post today as I feel so blah in what I am wearing today! But, that is not what blogging is about (for me) so I have snapped a super quick picture and here I am!

I love this poncho/jumper - I love how cosy and fluffy it is and I love the cable detailing. I am growing to love the H&M maternity jeans - they are very comfy and to me, they do not scream MATERNITY!

That is about all that I have to say today. Sorry, I will try to do better tomorrow!!

Today's outfit is:

Jeans - H&M
T-shirt - BlendShe
Poncho - Monsoon
Shoes - American Eagle

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tuesday 19.01.


Back to work for me today. It was a bit of a struggle to get myself up and ready this morning after 4 lovely long lies.

I got this scarf from my sister at Christmas and I knew that I wanted to wear it today. It has lots of lovely colours through it and a great metallic silver thread. It turned out to be just the thing to brighten up this pewter dress.

Today's outfit is:

Dress - BlendShe
Cami - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Cardigan - Vila
Scarf - H&M
Bracelet - Gift
Shoes - American Eagle

On another note:

If you are reading this post please take a second to pop over to My Wardrobe Today and have a read at what Allie is writing.
She is the fabulous lady that inspired me to blog about what I wore each day, she also showed me that I do not need a fancy camera, a tripod or differing locations each day to show off what I am wearing. She is a truly fabulous woman that is honest and real about what she does!

Weekend Away.

As I mentioned last week, we were away over the weekend. We spent 3 lovely days in Aviemore in the north of Scotland. The weekend was not about fashion - in any way what so ever - it was about taking some time out and relaxing.

After weeks of me moaning about the snow and how much it was annoying me, where better for us to go for the weekend than Scotland's main ski resort. Oh yes we arrived to snow and lots of it. So much that it was almost as deep as my wellies are high!!

However, the log cabin with the wood burning stove made me hate the snow a little bit less!
Walking the dog - well that was another challenge!

This was my look for the 3 days - comfy and warm!!


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Thursday 14.01.


I decided that a POP of colour was required again today. I got this scarf for Christmas and really have not worn it - as it is single layer jersey and I have been wearing scarves for warmth not fashion. I thought that the scarf with the tights made for a nice change with this dress.

We are off to Aviemore tomorrow for a few days. We got a weekend break in a log cabin as a gift and we decided to use this weekend and make it a bit of birthday treat for my bf. We are going with friends and I think we are taking Bista with us - which I am sure will make for an interesting 3.5 hour car journey!

So, I will not be around until Tuesday of next week! See you all soon!

Today's outfit is:

Dress - S'Nob
Cami - Primark
Cardigan - Vila
Tights - Primark
Scarf - Old Navy
Shoes - American Eagle

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday 13.01.


After a late night last night I was really struggling to get myself up and out of bed this morning. I was struggling even more with what I was going to wear when I looked out the window. The snow and ice has almost all melted, and the temperatures are no where near as cold as they were, but it has turned so dark, grey and depressing!!

When in doubt go for comfortable with a pop of colour.

I had not worn this scarf for ages, and I really love how the purple and yellow lift a grey background. I also love a scarf folded into a triangle and worn this way over a t-shirt. It really does make a very casual outfit look just a little bit more dressed!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny Jeans - H&M Maternity
T-shirt - BlendShe @ i am.....
Cardigan - American Eagle
Scarf - Vila
Shoes - American Eagle

Tuesday 12.01.

So, I forgot my camera yesterday - no biggie it was not the most inspiring of outfits! Leggings, tunic, boots - you know my pregnancy uniform!

But never mind that - I do have outfit pictures for you!!


It was my lovely bf's birthday yesterday and last night I took him out to a new restaurant for dinner.
I decided to give a skirt (non maternity) one last wear before the autumn time. I really like the look - I just love this little skirt. I have to now face facts - maternity clothes may not be my idea of stylish, but wearing my own clothes at this stage is just not comfortable.

Tuesday night's outfit was:

Gold skirt - Forever 21
Black vest - Tesco
Tights - SkunkFunk
Shoe boots - Armani Exchange
Necklace - Forever 21

The picture is not the best as it was taken at 11.15pm last night after a long night out!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Dogeared Giveaway!!

Posting this a little late, but better late than never!!

The winner of the beautiful Dogeared Necklace, that was given by Accessories Online, is................

The Small Fabric Of My Life, send me an email ( with your address etc and I will get the necklace in the post to you.

And Aik, please email me at the above address as I have a little something for you too. For spreading the word about the giveaway!

Thanks to everyone that entered!

Saturday 09.01.


More snow overnight - UGH!! I am glad that it is not raining, but man am I over the snow!!

I am not sure that I like this cardigan with this dress?! I love the cardigan (my mum got me it for Christmas). I love that it is a waterfall style (and will fit me as I grow) and that it is such a beautiful fine knit. But I am not sure that it is the best look with this dress!

I have nothing much planned for this evening, I think after dinner and walking the puppy it will be a nice long bath and early bed for me. We have a lunch thing on Sunday with my bf's mum (which will be nice) but it is at 1pm - right in the middle of the only day that we get together. I hate having to do things with other people on Sundays!

Have a great weekend - whatever your plans are!

Today's outfit is:

Knit dress - Vila @ i am.....
Leggings - Target
Cami - Topshop
Cardigan - Miso
Scarf - ?
Boots - Next

Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 08.01.


First of all.......

Why have I never heard anyone complain that their feet are really cold when they wear Converse All Stars?? I have mine on in the shop (wore my wellies for the walk to work) and my feet are freezing. This is the third time I have worn them and the third time my feet have been so cold that they hurt!

I love this cozy layered look that I have going on today! I am so glad that I bought these maternity cords when we were in Florida. I really do prefer them to my maternity jeans. I just need to make sure I find new ways to style them.

Today's outfit is:

Cords - Liz lange for Target
Vest - Vila
T-shirt - ?
Cardigan - Hollister
Scarf -BlendShe
Shoes - All Stars
Necklace - Bakers

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday 07.01.


First of all I am going to say sorry for the picture today! It was my plan to remove my scarf and to change into my nice grey leather knee high boots. However, at this very moment it is -6C (21F) outside and the scarf and dog walking boots are staying put!

This outfit is great for days like this as everything is a nice snug fit and no chills get to me. I love that this jumper is very comfy and cosy, yet still looks kind of dressy!

Today's outfit is:

Jumper - American Eagle
Cami - American Eagle
Leggings - Vila
Scarf - ??
Necklace - Guess
Boots - Caterpillar

I thought I would leave you all with this Bista picture taken a few nights ago! We had taken her for a longer than usual walk (through the snow) and it had her beat!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 06.01.


It is a gorgeous day here today - there has been no more snow, so far, but it is still laying on the ground. It is still nice and white (not yet that yucky sludgy brown) and the sun is shining bright in the sky.

Even though it is still very cold I felt that I had to have a day off from leggings, so I looked out one of my favorite dresses and got to layering. For the walk to work I had thick socks over the tights under my wellies, with hat, gloves and coat etc. For the first hour in the shop I did have my cardigan and scarf on, but it is (slightly) warmer now and I am braving the dress minus the cardigan. The ruffle sleeves are just too pretty to cover up!

Today's outfit is:

Purple dress - Target
Cami - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Cardigan - Vila
Scarf - Vila
Necklace - Ann Taylor
Shoes - American Eagle

So, the 2010 goals are, so far, going very well. I have walked every day this week and the car has not moved out of the driveway since Monday morning. I made a new and healthy recipe last night - Chickpea and Chorizo Casserole. It was delish! My bf has the leftovers for his lunch today!! And we have had to crush down the recycling bin as it is so full! The small steps feel good!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


New Year was a quiet one for us this year and I have spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking about what 2010 is going to bring!

I am well aware that this year is going to be a huge one for us and our familys what with a baby arriving in May. But, I also thought about what I want to make a point of doing this year. It is not a huge list but I feel that it is filled with things that I WANT to do and see through.


I really want to be less wasteful and more efficient. I want to use up leftover -all of them.
I want to use cloth nappies on the baby (I have big issues with the chemicals in disposable nappies, the cost of them and the fact that they end up in landfill).
I want to try and grow some basic veggies in our garden.
I want to use the car as little as possible.
And I want to be able to make do and mend.

I WANT TO LEARN TO SEW (properly).

This comes back to the make do and mend - I want to be able to make a top from a dress that I do not like the length of, shorten trousers etc.
Also, I want to create a fabulous home for my family and I want to start with lots of snuggly, comfy, clashing scatter cushions that I want to make myself!


By this I mean making the home that we own personal with colour on the walls, flowers in the garden, cushions on the sofa and a pram parked in the hallway!


I want to make healthy meals that (eventually) we can all eat as a family.
I want to walk with the pram everyday - also makes me use the car less = greener!
I want to be fit without paying to join a gym - so walks with the dog and family days out are what I want to focus on!

Tuesday 05.01.

Happy New Year!!

So around 9pm last night the thick hard ice, that we have had for over 2 weeks, really started to thaw. The bf and I were rather excited about this as our street has been a nightmare. However, mother nature was toying with us.........
This is what we woke to this morning!!
Which meant I had to trudge to work with these on my feet!!
But, I kind of like today's outfit! Yesterday I had to say "See Ya" to my skinny jeans. I wore them for an afternoon, of baby and sales shopping, in Glasgow and I have never been so uncomfortable. So, I went into H&M and treated (I use the term loosely) myself to a pair of maternity skinny jeans!

All in all it was a successful afternoon! I got some jeans and we purchased our babies cot, mattress, cot top changer, changer mat, a gorgeous cable knit pram blanket and the cutest little outfit that has Westies on the front!

And guess what not one single thing that I/we bought was on sale!!!! TYPICAL!!

Today's outfit is:

Maternity skinny jeans - H&M
T-shirt - BlendShe @ i am.....
Cardigan - Target
Scarf - eBay
Shoes - American Eagle
Wellies - Asda