Thursday, 31 July 2008


After burning this top, bringing it to work, steaming it and putting it on, I have realised that it has shrunk! I am not at all happy with this look, I feel that this top now hits at just the wrong length, and is in no way flattering!

Today's outfit is:

White, green & black tunic - Asda (george)
Black leggings - Primark
Black jewelled ballet flats - Nine West

Nice People.

I have just had a gift handed in to me from a customer. She works in the bakery along the street and has just brought me 2 warm white chocolate chip cookies!!
Customers like her make this often thankless job so, so worthwhile. Her kindness has made me smile and feel all nice inside!

It was not a totally random act of kindness, she called me yesterday to ask if I had an item left in stock (she had the item and had found out that it was faulty). I did and I kept it and something similar aside for her. So the cookies were a thank you for me going out of my way (her words) to help her.

The crumbs are starting to get into the keys, so I am off to enjoy the remainder of the cookies!

Oh no.....

Ironing disaster!! I was ironing a top this morning (on the kitchen work top - bad I know) running late as usual. I had made sure that the temperature setting was in the right place and as always I turned the top in side out. I have a thing about washing and ironing and always try to turn things in side out!

Thank goodness I took the 30 seconds to do this, as the iron stuck the lining of the top and burned a hole! So, now the iron has the lining all stuck to the plate and my top has a hole in it!
I brought the top into work and just used the steamer on it - which as always worked a dream, but the frazzled edges of the hole are scratching my skin!!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

This week so far!!

Oops, I have been a terrible blogger so far this week! So, I thought I would give you a little recap of what I have been up to.

My friend was having her baby christened at 11am, so I got up early showered and decided what I was going to wear. I ended up running very late and was quite stressed out. My bf was unable to come along with me (he was helping out being a Marshall at the Senior Golf Open) so my sister came along in his place.
The Church service was lovely (very hot- It was a glorious day on Sunday) and afterwards we went to a local Cricket club for the cutting of the cake etc.

Afterwards, my sister and I decided to make a day of being all dress up, so we headed home to change to into comfy shoes and then walked to a local bar where we ate lunch outside in the sun.
My bf called us when he was finished and said that there were 2 tickets at the gate if we fancied heading to the golf course to join him and some friends. We did - it was excellent. The remainder of the evening was spent in the biggest beer garden drinking wine!
It was a very long day, but an excellent one!
My outfit was:
Orange Strapless dress - French Connection
Tan wedges - Dune
Tan shrug (for church) - Primark
Gold grecian sandals (changed after church) - New Look

Sorry for the bad picutre and the mess in the background, I was running very late!

I was very, very tired and not feeling to great. Thankfully it was my half day so I was only working until lunch time. My outfit was terrible, I put no thought into it. I did not take a picture and I have erased the outfit from memory.

My afternoon was spent in the garden enjoying the sun. In the evening my bf and I did a little gardening. We then ordered some take away pizza and watched a movie on the sofa!

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit! I had a busy morning merchandising the shop, stopped for lunch and from then on I was non stop with customers! It was a great day.
My outfit was:
Black and white stripe dress - S'nob
Zebra print flip flops - Dune

So far I have been busy cleaning the shop, not the best job in the world, but I feel very pleased with myself now!
The weather is not so good here today so today's outfit is:
Skinny jeans - Vila
Brown top - Skunkfunk
Leopard print ballet flats - Primark

Getting Back To Normal!

Finally starting to wind the sale up. So, I have spent the last two days merchandising all of the new styles that have began to filter through for the autumn. As well as this I have been giving the shop a really good clean.

While doing this I have noticed a few little areas of the shop that are needing a little attention (in the way of paint needing touched up etc). I was hoping to get to the first anniversary without having to do any repairs, but I do not want the shop to start to look tired or shabby!

Saturday, 26 July 2008


So much in love that I have it on again this week!!!!!

Tribal print dress - Vila
Black patent shoes - Christian Louboutin
Black and silver necklaces - H&M

Friday, 25 July 2008


I forgot my camera this morning, so this is a picture of the last time that I wore this outfit. Today, I do not have the cardigan on, but I have my brown wooden beads on!

I am now beyond fed up with the sale! My beautiful shop looks messy and not good, I am also really fed up with explaining that I do not have any other sizes! So, I am finishing the sale at 5pm on Saturday, but for today and Saturday all sale stock is buy one get one free!!!
This has gone well as people are coming in for a look at the sale and some have been leaving with full price autumn stock!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Cream linen shorts - Vila
Brown bib detail t-shirt - Vila
Brown flip flop - Moda in pelle
Brown wooden bead jewellery - Plume

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Yesterday's skirt ended up being to heavy for the weather and I was very hot and sticky by the time I got home! So, last night I laid out one of my favorite summer dresses to wear today.
The good weather has continued into today, but I am not sure that it is going to last very long as it is very hot and humid - feels like rain could just start pouring at any moment.

I went my walk as planned. My sister came along with me and we managed to get there in 20 minutes (not too bad I think) and the same on the way home. Although we did stop off for an ice-lolly on the way home!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black cotton sleeveless dress - Topshop
Gold belt - Forever 21
Gold and silver Grecian flip-flops - Primark

Close up of the detail at the top of the dress (full length picture is a bit fuzzy).

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

It is a beautiful day today, I walked to work this morning in a sleeveless dress!!!! No cardigan, no jacket, just the dress!
However, I am currently watching what I am eating and making an effort to eat as healthily as possible, so I made a huge batch of soup and froze it in lunch sized amounts! Clever old me left one out to defrost overnight.

So, on what could be the hottest day of this year so far I have just eaten a bowl of hot soup for lunch! To make matters worse (oh yes there is more) it was sweet potato and chili soup.
I am now sitting as still as I can, gently fanning myself with this weeks edition of Grazia magazine!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Last night was very hot and humid and it is not much better today! I liked the look I achieved last week with the grey version of this skirt, so I thought I would give the black a try today! The vest top is another from my mini trip to H&M last week!

I have decided to step up my walk this evening, I am going to visit my friend she stays about a mile and a half away from me, so walking there and back should give me a decent work out! When I am alone I walk quickly, so the heart rate should be raised!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black skirt - Vila
Yellow vest top - H&M
Black beads - H&M
Silver star necklace - Plume

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


My personal mission this week is to get my laundry and ironing sorted out! I am generally quite good at getting the laundry washed and dried, but the ironing I am not so good with. I make sure that my bf has 5 laundered and ironed shirts for work, but I tend to stop there.
And because of this I have mornings like this morning where everything that I want to wear is waiting to be ironed! Wish me luck with this, I am already trying to think of other things to do instead of ironing!!

Tuesday's outfit consists of:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Cream top with black button details - Blendshe
Cream and Black ballet flats - New Look
Black and cream bangle - Primark


What started out as a quiet day turned out to be some what manic! I always have a busy morning when I have been out of the shop for an afternoon or day. I have to take the first couple of hours clearing up after my helpers (they are free help so I do not mind this minor detail). I also usually have to make various phone calls to see where things have been put, moved to etc. The stapler being in my sisters bag was a good one!!

Anyway, I did not get a chance to get back on Blogger yesterday, I hope that today I organise my time in a better manner! Yesterday's look was nice and casual and I was sporting some new stock - you have to love the perks!

Monday's outfit was:

Boy fit jeans - ASOS
Grey long sleeved t-shirt - Forever 21
Two tone grey striped cardigan - Vila
Silver sandals - Birkenstock

Monday, 21 July 2008


Sorry for not posting on Saturday! I was only working in the morning and did not get a chance to post.

Saturday's outfit consisted of:

Cotton floral print dress - Vila
Tan wedges - Dune

After I got off work at 1pm I headed home for a quick change (into a pair of jeans, a white vest top and a beige hoodie). We then threw our overnight bags into the car and headed through to Edinburgh. We were spending the weekend with my bf family. One of his sisters has recently moved so was having a house warming BBQ, and her and her husband invited us all to stay over.

On Sunday we were up very early thanks to
  1. A terrible air bed
  2. A 2 year old in the next room!

So, we had a lovely breakfast together (bacon rolls and lots of tea and orange juice) in the garden. Then the girls headed to the city centre for an hour. We went to the most adorable shop called "Paper Tiger" where I managed to spend £25 on all kinds of cards and wrapping paper and ribbon!! I love to receive things in the mail that are not bills, so I am always sending things on to other people!

After the shopping trip we made our separate ways home. My bf and I stopped in at his parents as they had just returned from summer holiday. We were heading to a friends house for a take away curry, but before leaving I got the bags unpacked and the laundry sorted out!

Friday, 18 July 2008


The legs are back!!! This dress came into stock on Wednesday and when I opened the box I made an out loud "Oohh" noise!!! I love this dress, I feel great today. I now totally wish I was going a beach holiday as I think this would be perfect teamed with gold sandals (flat) and a tan for a nice evening out! I am sure I could pull this very same look off here too, but I do like to get lost in my beach holiday dreams!!!!

No plans for this evening, this is a good thing! I am going to get the laundry up to date and the cleaning up done as we have a busy weekend planned! So, I think it will be a nice relaxed pasta dinner and maybe a glass of chilled white wine when I have my chores done!

Today's outfit consists of:

Tribal(?) print dress - Vila
Necklaces - H&M
Wooden & plastic bangles - Ebay
Zebra print shoes - Dune
Zebra print flip flops - Dune (not pictured)

Thusrday (not Wednesday) evening.

So, last night after I finished work I had my legs waxed, headed home had a 20 minute walk along the beach to chill out and enjoy the sun that had come out! I had a quick shower and change (stayed in the skinny jeans and changed to a grey chiffon top with lime green detailing) touched up my make up just in time for our friends arriving!

We ended up heading out for a pub dinner as we all wanted different things from take away, it was great very relaxed and every one was happy with their food!
Next we headed along to the opening of the bar - by the time we arrived it was well and truly open. Met up with lots of other friends and some customers! It turned out to be a great night of catching up. It was not too late we headed home just after 11pm.

Thought I would post a picture of myself (on the left) and my friend posing for the camera!!!

Oh no!!!

I have just noticed that I posted yesterday thinking that it was Wednesday!!!! I have 2 wednesday posts this week!!!

I have just checked everything that I did yesterday and I have written Wednesday on everything!!!! Oh dear!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


The legs are back under wraps today - the one and only reason is the weather. It rained all night last night and was still bucketing down at 8.30am this morning so jeans won! My feet did still get wet, but my legs were dry!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Cami - Primark
Cream cheese cloth top - Zara
Brown gladiator sandals - Vila
Brown glass necklace - Molten

Myself, my mum and one of my sisters went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia! We got off to a bad start but got there eventually and it was so worth it!
It was Orange Wednesday yesterday which was one of the reasons that we were going (two for the price of one cinema tickets). So we headed to the largest cinema in our area (about 10 miles away) only to find out that it was totally sold out! We got back into the car and drove back the 10 miles to another cinema. We went in and got tickets for the show at 8.40pm - Yippee! But, it was only 7.30pm, so rather than waste petrol we headed to a bar across the road from the cinema and shared a bottle of wine!
The entire night was fantastic, a great giggle and loads of people watching!

Tonight at 5pm I am getting my legs waxed, I then have to dash home and have a quick tidy up, quick change and get ready. We have friends coming over for dinner (take away) we have not seen them since their wedding in June!! Then we are heading to the opening of a bar that is a few doors along from my shop, where we are meeting some other friends.

Why do we women do this??

This morning I have been reading Glamour magazine. There was an article that jumped out at me so I went ahead and read it.
The article was "Is Victoria REALLY happy in LA?"
Now, the reason I chose to read this is, I love Victoria Beckham (you can all slate me if you wish) I love her style and how she is always very polished! I aspire to be as polished as she is!

Anyway, back to the point - what makes a reporter or editor the authority on whether Victoria Beckham is happy or not! Can I just point out that the article was not an interview with Victoria! So that makes it all assumptions does it not?

There was nothing particularly scathing in the piece and it was more of a positive than negative spin. But, what made me post about this was the article on the next page. "Women: Give women a break!"
I just found it a little weird that these two features were in the same edition of a monthly magazine!

On a final note, I do agree that we women are far too hard on our fellow sisters! The modern woman seems to have lost sight of the sisterhood - at the end of the day we are all fighting a similar battle!!

Sorry about the picture being so small! Even in jeans she looks polished!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Still on the "not so casual" kick, I took at look through what is left on my sale rails and found 2 skirts in my size that I never took when they came into stock. I was wanting something that I could jazz up with my new tops from H&M. This skirt I feel fits the bill, it is simple but great and the colour is great for brights.

Today's outfit consists of:

Grey a-line button front skirt - Vila
Teal vest top - H&M
Multi colour shell necklace - Topshop
Pewter wedge shoes - Payless shoes
(Black half sleeve cardigan - not pictured worn on the walk to work)

After the comment I received yesterday I went straight home prepared a healthy dinner (that was always the plan) changed into work out pants and a t-shirt and went off for a very quick walk along the beach. I walked for 20 minutes, as I was alone I was walking very fast (almost running) and covered about half a mile. I know that this is not the greatest achievement, but it is a start. I have my clothes laid out to change into when I get home to carry on this evening.

After dinner I am heading to see Mamma Mia with my mum and sister. I am looking forward to it very much. As for the outfit for the cinema I think I will change the skirt for a pair of wide leg black trousers, and some sandals or ballet flats!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I usually wear this dress with black tights and a heavier shoe (the only reason for this - it came into stock at the tail end of winter, so I teamed it with items that made it suitable for that time of year) but I decided that I was far too casual last week.

However, I may never wear this dress ever again!!!! A very, very rude lady has just asked me if I am pregnant??? I am not!! I am only wearing a UK size 12. OK at the moment I have one or two items in my wardrobe that are a little neat - but come on!!!

I would never ever ask someone that I did not know from Adam (and did not know for a fact that they definitely were pregnant and had not just gained a few pounds) if they were pregnant!!
Is it just me, or is that just a down right rude thing to do??

So, today's outfit is:

Printed cotton dress - Vila
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barratt
Silver necklace & bracelet - Tiffany

Yesterday afternoon was lovely, the bf and I got home at just after 1pm, we had a lovely lunch of BBQ leftovers. After a quick change (for my bf) we headed into town for a wander. I wanted to get some colourful basics to brighten up my wardrobe at this in between time! These were purchased from good old H&M.

We then headed to Waterstones where we had a look around - I have grown to love book stores, I could spend hours browsing. We headed up to the back of the store with our purchases and enjoyed a coffee and a muffin in Costa Coffee.

Finally we went to Tesco to stock up on healthy food for the week. The funny thing about the pregnancy comment is, I had already decided to do something about losing a few pounds! We ended the day with a walk along the beach. We are very lucky to live two streets away from the beach.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Monday (& a weekend re-cap).

What a day Saturday turned out to be! After a slow, slow start I had a very busy afternoon, so good that I was on such a high when I get home I told my bf to get ready, I was taking him out for dinner!

We each had a quick shower and change and walked along to the train station. We took the train one stop (to the next town along the coast) and walked to a restaurant that we love. It was steaks and cocktails all round (Blueberry Punch - Yum yum!) and a good night was had by us both. After dinner we were able to sit outside on the terrace, as it was such a nice evening.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a glorious day (warm enough for shorts and a vest top - no picture as it was an outfit suitable for weeding etc) so we spent the entire in the garden getting things in order. It no longer resembles a jungle - thank goodness!
My parents very kindly came around and gave us a hand with all of the clearing out and cleaning up.

An unplanned BBQ was then suggested, so my mum and sister headed out to the supermarket to see what they could get their hands on. We feasted on kebabs with variations of chicken, prawns, chorizo and vegetables, burgers, jacket potatoes, salad and some pasta.
It was so nice to be sitting, eating and cooking outside that I did not want the evening to end. Thankfully my other sister appeared (she had just finished work) with Pimms so we all stayed out a bit longer!

Today, I have the afternoon off, so does my bf. I am not sure what our plans are yet. The weather is not so great. I am needing some colourful basics to brighten up my wardrobe, so we may head to the shops!

Today's outfit consists of:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Cream cami - Hollister
Red & cream stripe cardigan - Vila
Red Ballet flats - Tod's
Silver necklace & bracelets - Tiffany

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Wow, two days in a row of wearing killer heels!! Boy are my tootsies paying the price! Been a very busy afternoon, and sold a fair few of the dress that I have on today! The ultimate compliment!!

Today's outfit is:

Silk print dress - Vila
Cropped cardigan - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Black Patent shoes - Christian Louboutin

The shoes!!!!
And the look with the all important flip flops - just for comfort!

Friday, 11 July 2008


I feel that I have been just a bit too casual this week, so I planned in advance last night and laid out an outfit for today.
Dinner and the trip to Ikea, with my mum, last night were lovely. I think we will go and see Mama Mia next week!
My bf is home this evening, so after work I am heading to the supermarket to get some nice fresh food for dinner. I am even planning on making chocolate fondant puddings!

Today's outfit is:

Cream silk tunic - S'nob
Black cropped leggings - Primark
Black and cream peep toe shoes - Nine West
Black and cream bangle - Primark
Necklaces - H&M

Below is the look slighly modified for walking to work (it will be the same shortly as I head home again). I think that the slightly more casual look is a good one too!

The charcoal cardigan is from S'nob and the ballet flats are from New Look.

What is it with people this week??

I have just had a customer come into my shop browse, try on and buy from me. As we were waiting on her card getting authorisation she asked me why I was closing down???? My jaw must have dropped to the floor as she then said "Oh! Are you not closing?"
I was so shocked that I had to say "No I am not closing down! I am just having a good sale with real reductions!"

WTF, can a store not have an actual sale with proper reductions without people thinking I am either:
  1. Closing down
  2. Losing my mind and not aware of the prices (one lady whispered all the prices to her friend, I think it was in case I heard and changed them!!)

Am I just taking things a little to much to heart this week??

Nothing to do with fashion, but....

I really, really, really want a Wii Fit!! I am getting obsessive about it, why are they still out of stock everywhere??
The bf and I are on an economy drive and to aid with this we have cancelled our £90 per month gym membership (yippee - no more feeling guilty that I have not been enough). So, I decided that instead of spending my birthday money on clothes that I kind of liked (I have not seen many styles that I have totally adored for a while) I was going to buy a Wii Fit instead.

Well it is now July, my birthday was mid June and I still do not have a Wii Fit!! But, boy am I proud of myself as I still have the birthday money!!! I must really, really want this thing!!

Anyway, my bf is coming home today via airport duty free, so maybe (fingers crossed) he will manage to get one there!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008


I have a bit of a stars and stripes theme going on today (without meaning to). I really wanted to wear my new scarf, which was a total bargain in the Tesco sale - £2.

I am making my mum her dinner this evening - Fresh Tuna steaks with roast vegetables and new potatoes. We are then going to take a little trip to Ikea. I have really go into cooking and baking in the last year. I am finding that the more adventurous I am getting I need new tools, so a trip to Ikea should sort me out and keep me going for a while.

Today's outfit consists of:

White wide leg linen crop trousers - Primark
Red, white & blue top - H&M
Silk scarf with star print - Tesco
White leather Grecian sandals - New Look

Don't you just love the general public??

I could scream and stamp my feet - basically have a tantrum like a small child! I, on the whole have had great experiences with customers in my shop but this morning I had a truly awful lady in!

As I have said it is Summer Sale time, I have slashed prices. I have two rails full of styles that are reduced to £10. The rest of the items are 50% off the original price (which was already very reasonable). However, I have one small rail that is not reduced - these are items which I have only taken delivery of in the last month and are new season styles. I do, however, have this area very clearly marked with signs that state "The items below are not in the Summer Sale! Sorry!" They are big old signs with very clear font and a colour that stands out.

So, back to this morning, I had a few ladies in browsing the sale rails picking out various styles and chatting about how great the prices were. One of the ladies asked if it would be ok to try some things on. I showed her to the fitting room. After a short time she came back out and handed me two styles letting me know which she would like to take and which she would just leave!

The one that she wanted was not in the sale! I pointed this out to her, she put her bag down on the counter and said to me "Well your not busy, I'll take it if you make it £10!!"
The top retails at £19.99 (not a huge amount of money). I explained that the style was new and that it had been deliberately left out of the sale. She sniggered and said "Oh come on, I will take it if you make it £10".

I was beginning to feel insulted and felt like she was treating me like a small child, that did not know what they were talking about. So, very calmly I explained, again, why the style was not reduced and stated that the price was £19.99.
She grabbed her bag turned and walked out of the shop muttering under her breath "You try and help people and this is what you get."

I was not aware that me and my shop were a charity case, and therefore should have taken the very rude woman up on her offer.
You do just have to love the general public, don't you?

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


The weather has been very strange over the last few days - damp and cloudy in the mornings but by lunch it is nice and bright and by 5pm when I am heading home the temperature has got up and it is lovely! This makes for difficult dressing. My shop is on the side of the street that does not get the sun until late afternoon, so the shop stays pretty chilly all day!

I have also felt quite uninspired by my dresses and skirts this week, hence the abundance of jeans and trousers.

Today's outfit consists of:

Light wash jeans - Vila
Floral cheese cloth blouse - Vila
White cami - Primark
White leather Grecian sandals - New Look
Charm bracelet - Thomas Sabo

Boho Chic.

This morning when I arrived at the shop August's edition on Company magazine was lying on the mat. So, I have spent most of the day reading that and Elle magazine (US edition). While indulging in this I have read two articles about celebrities that I have never really noticed much before - Kimberley Stewart (Company) and Mary-Kate Olsen (Elle).

These are two girls that regularly rock the Boho Chic look!! I love this look but any time that I try to experiment with it I feel under dressed or messy. I am a huge fan of layering, scarves and jewellery, but on me all together they often do not work!

I recently tied one of my (many) silk scarves around my head (in way of a headband rather than headscarf). Only to be told by my very nice bf that I looked like a wartime field worker!!

I love the boots, shift dress and headband combo!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I did not actually realise how similar today's outfit is to Saturday's until I looked back at this mornings picture!! Oops!!

I have decided to just bite the bullet and wear the nice summer styles that I have in the wardrobe. The weather is not at all summer like, but if I do not just go for it they will never get worn and that is a crime. Usually, I do not feel so bad as I would be taking the summer styles on my 2 week holiday, but this year there is no summer holiday!

I have managed to wangle myself a little extra outing into my weeks plans - my mum called last night and asked if I would like to go there for dinner. Score! I have also talked my sister into giving my hair a much needed trim while I am there (she is a hairdresser, so I am in safe hands). Double score!

Today's outfit consists of:

White capri length trousers - Vila
Brown puff sleeve tunic - Topshop
Bronze sandals - Primark
White silk scarf - Primark
Brown wooden bead bangle - Plume

Good News!!

I have had word this morning that I have managed to secure a new brand for the shop.
This is fantastic news as it is a bigger brand than those that I stock at the moment, but will slot in nicely with what I have already. Also, I went to them with my business plan, asking them if they would supply their product to me!
It is great that they have faith in me and my little business.
I am still being cautious as I do not meet with them until the end of August and then delivery of the collection will not be until early 2009!

The best part about all of this is, I will be the only stockist in my area meaning that I can really advertise this fact and hopefully get a real buzz going about it!!

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Week Ahead!

I am on my own until Friday. I do enjoy having the house to myself from time to time, but I also like to have a pretty full diary to save me from getting bored. I have managed to arrange quite a bit for the week ahead.

My week alone (so far) looks like this:
  • Post out all of the Ebay sales that I have not managed to get to the Post Office.
  • Prepare and cook healthy meals for lunch and dinner for the week. I am going to try a lot of vegetarian recipes!
  • Visit a friend and her 4 month old daughter (I have not seen them for a month or so).
  • Make dinner for my mum (she is also home alone a night this week).
  • Make a trip to Ikea after work - there are some bits that I am needing for the kitchen.
  • Finishing my book "Lipstick Jungle" in peace.
  • Watching this weeks "Brothers & Sisters" without anyone moaning that it is rubbish!

As well as all of the fun stuff above I have the usual chores to be getting on with. I did not get much laundry done over the weekend, so I have some catching up to do!


Not a great start to the day today! My bf is away with work until Friday, he was getting a very early flight this morning!! But, as is his way, he slept in!!! So, at 5.15am this morning I was up helping him gather all of the bits that he had not put into his bag the night before!
I was back in bed by 5.30am, where I tossed and turned for a while and then when my alarm did go off I could have slept on forever!

After the start to my day I took longer than I should have taken to eat breakfast, this left me only 15 minutes to dress and get made up, hence the very, very casual look that I am sporting today!

Today's outfit consists of:

Wide leg jeans - American Eagle
Grey fitted sweatshirt - Zara
Grey cami - American Eagle
Silver sandals - Birkenstock

Friday & Saturday.

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have been very, very busy! I tried to generate some hype about my summer sale in the few weeks before it starting, and boy oh boy did it work!!

First day of the summer sale, from 10am until I closed the door at just after 5pm I did not stop! The weather here was fantastic which I think encouraged even more people out and about!
What a day I had, this was my first real sale and the buzz was fantastic. I sold more items than I usually sell in a full week!

I went for total comfort in my outfit as I had hoped that I was going to be busy.

Friday's outfit was:

Cream tunic - Vila
Black leggings - Vila
Cream cami (not seen) - Primark
Cream & Black ballet flats - New Look

Sorry about the messy background, picture was taken at 6pm in my stockroom - I was more than ready for home and a long hot bath!

Another busy day in the shop, lots of bargain hunters were out and about. Friday had left me feeling very tired and I was not the most organised with my outfit. I was leaving from the shop to go to a family BBQ, so again I went for comfort, but tried to look a bit smarter with it.

Saturday's outfit was:

Cream linen shorts - Vila
Brown bib detail top - Vila
Leopard print cardigan - Forever 21
Brown Flip Flops - Moda in Pelle

Thursday, 3 July 2008


I kind of had one of those days yesterday, nothing bad happened, but it was just not a very good day! So, I left the shop at 5pm walked home (in the rain) and got into the shower as soon as I got in! I had the longest shower ever, then put on some yoga pants and an old t-shirt, it was fantastic! Then made dinner, did the ironing (at long last) my BF and I then had a glass of wine while watching the F word from the night before. All in all a great night was had by all!

Today I am closing early to prepare for my summer sale. Getting ready for a sale is a huge task, so thankfully my mum is coming in to help me. However, I may still be here at 9pm this evening.

Today's outfit is:

Light wash jeans - Vila
White half sleeve t-shirt - Tesco
Blue and white silk scarf - Tie Rack
Blue patent ballet flats - Primark

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I really wanted to wear sandals or flip flops today as I gave myself a pedicure last night! Anyway, when I left to walk to work this morning it was pouring with rain, so I nipped back into the house and grabbed my Crocs (not hugely fashionable, but better than having very, very wet feet).

Today's outfit consists of:

Black cropped trousers - Vila
Black half sleeve t-shirt - Primark
Silver waistcoat - S'nob
Silver necklaces - H&M
Silver flip flops - Primark

Clean up and Clear out!

The time has most definitely come! I am sick fed up with rummaging through all of my cosmetics every single morning just to find my basic bits! My collection of brushes are also in desperate need of a clean, I am afraid to say that I have been neglecting them a bit!

So, this evening I plan to lock myself in the bathroom with my various cosmetic bags, cases and rolls to sort through the vast collection.
I then hope to achieve a cosmetic case of basic everyday pieces - I think a little bag would be best as these are most likely to be the bits that I carry around with me.
I them would like the remainder of the cosmetics that I plan to keep to be sorted out according to what they are and where on the face they are used!

All in all this should make for a swift face making up session each morning! Well I can but hope!

For the brushes my plan is simple. Johnston's Baby Shampoo (the tiniest drop) warm water, white face cloths and a warm flat place to rest!
Cleaning cosmetic brushes is one of those little jobs that I always put off, but when I do get around to doing it, I am always delighted with the next application!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sunday - Tuesday.

Yesterday was my half day and after the weekends events I was very un-organised.

My boyfriend and I had a BBQ, I had been checking the weather forecast all week and it was not to be good ie. rain! But, Sunday came along and the weather held out for us to eat and entertain in the garden. It was a lovely day lots of family and friends came over at about 2pm and the last of the guests left at about 10.30pm (it was a school night after all).
I have no pictures of my outfit, but it was perfect for spending the day outdoors - jeans, vest, cardigan and flip flops!

I slept in a little and I had not laid any clothes out the night before. After working in the morning I went home to tidy up the house after the BBQ! I had done all of the dishes and taken out all of the rubbish the night before (thank goodness) so I really only had to sweep and wash all of the floors and give the bathroom a clean.

My outfit for work was:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Cream top with black detailing - Blendshe
Cream and Black Ballet flats - New Look
After work and to clean the house I changed into black yoga pants from Gap and a pink T-shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch.


I was more organised last night and sorted out what I was going to wear today!

Today's outfit is:

Black sleeveless cotton dress - Topshop
Leopard print cardigan - Forever 21
Black high gloss footless tights - H&M
Cream belt - Primark
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barratts