Thursday, 24 July 2008


Yesterday's skirt ended up being to heavy for the weather and I was very hot and sticky by the time I got home! So, last night I laid out one of my favorite summer dresses to wear today.
The good weather has continued into today, but I am not sure that it is going to last very long as it is very hot and humid - feels like rain could just start pouring at any moment.

I went my walk as planned. My sister came along with me and we managed to get there in 20 minutes (not too bad I think) and the same on the way home. Although we did stop off for an ice-lolly on the way home!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black cotton sleeveless dress - Topshop
Gold belt - Forever 21
Gold and silver Grecian flip-flops - Primark

Close up of the detail at the top of the dress (full length picture is a bit fuzzy).


Jane said...

I love the detail on the dress. The weather sounds the same here too. Nice, while it lasted!

Elisabeth said...

LOVE the belt with that dress!