Thursday, 17 July 2008

Why do we women do this??

This morning I have been reading Glamour magazine. There was an article that jumped out at me so I went ahead and read it.
The article was "Is Victoria REALLY happy in LA?"
Now, the reason I chose to read this is, I love Victoria Beckham (you can all slate me if you wish) I love her style and how she is always very polished! I aspire to be as polished as she is!

Anyway, back to the point - what makes a reporter or editor the authority on whether Victoria Beckham is happy or not! Can I just point out that the article was not an interview with Victoria! So that makes it all assumptions does it not?

There was nothing particularly scathing in the piece and it was more of a positive than negative spin. But, what made me post about this was the article on the next page. "Women: Give women a break!"
I just found it a little weird that these two features were in the same edition of a monthly magazine!

On a final note, I do agree that we women are far too hard on our fellow sisters! The modern woman seems to have lost sight of the sisterhood - at the end of the day we are all fighting a similar battle!!

Sorry about the picture being so small! Even in jeans she looks polished!!


Anonymous said...

I love her! When they moved here there was a tv special she did and it was the funniest thing I'd seen in a while. She was so cute. Love her and her fab style!

Ally said...

I LOVE her too. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Have you read her book? It's adorable.

Londyn said...

Agreed - I am a fan as well and just read her book! She is fabulous.