Monday, 7 July 2008

Friday & Saturday.

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have been very, very busy! I tried to generate some hype about my summer sale in the few weeks before it starting, and boy oh boy did it work!!

First day of the summer sale, from 10am until I closed the door at just after 5pm I did not stop! The weather here was fantastic which I think encouraged even more people out and about!
What a day I had, this was my first real sale and the buzz was fantastic. I sold more items than I usually sell in a full week!

I went for total comfort in my outfit as I had hoped that I was going to be busy.

Friday's outfit was:

Cream tunic - Vila
Black leggings - Vila
Cream cami (not seen) - Primark
Cream & Black ballet flats - New Look

Sorry about the messy background, picture was taken at 6pm in my stockroom - I was more than ready for home and a long hot bath!

Another busy day in the shop, lots of bargain hunters were out and about. Friday had left me feeling very tired and I was not the most organised with my outfit. I was leaving from the shop to go to a family BBQ, so again I went for comfort, but tried to look a bit smarter with it.

Saturday's outfit was:

Cream linen shorts - Vila
Brown bib detail top - Vila
Leopard print cardigan - Forever 21
Brown Flip Flops - Moda in Pelle

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