Tuesday, 22 July 2008


What started out as a quiet day turned out to be some what manic! I always have a busy morning when I have been out of the shop for an afternoon or day. I have to take the first couple of hours clearing up after my helpers (they are free help so I do not mind this minor detail). I also usually have to make various phone calls to see where things have been put, moved to etc. The stapler being in my sisters bag was a good one!!

Anyway, I did not get a chance to get back on Blogger yesterday, I hope that today I organise my time in a better manner! Yesterday's look was nice and casual and I was sporting some new stock - you have to love the perks!

Monday's outfit was:

Boy fit jeans - ASOS
Grey long sleeved t-shirt - Forever 21
Two tone grey striped cardigan - Vila
Silver sandals - Birkenstock

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