Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I did not actually realise how similar today's outfit is to Saturday's until I looked back at this mornings picture!! Oops!!

I have decided to just bite the bullet and wear the nice summer styles that I have in the wardrobe. The weather is not at all summer like, but if I do not just go for it they will never get worn and that is a crime. Usually, I do not feel so bad as I would be taking the summer styles on my 2 week holiday, but this year there is no summer holiday!

I have managed to wangle myself a little extra outing into my weeks plans - my mum called last night and asked if I would like to go there for dinner. Score! I have also talked my sister into giving my hair a much needed trim while I am there (she is a hairdresser, so I am in safe hands). Double score!

Today's outfit consists of:

White capri length trousers - Vila
Brown puff sleeve tunic - Topshop
Bronze sandals - Primark
White silk scarf - Primark
Brown wooden bead bangle - Plume

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