Friday, 18 July 2008

Thusrday (not Wednesday) evening.

So, last night after I finished work I had my legs waxed, headed home had a 20 minute walk along the beach to chill out and enjoy the sun that had come out! I had a quick shower and change (stayed in the skinny jeans and changed to a grey chiffon top with lime green detailing) touched up my make up just in time for our friends arriving!

We ended up heading out for a pub dinner as we all wanted different things from take away, it was great very relaxed and every one was happy with their food!
Next we headed along to the opening of the bar - by the time we arrived it was well and truly open. Met up with lots of other friends and some customers! It turned out to be a great night of catching up. It was not too late we headed home just after 11pm.

Thought I would post a picture of myself (on the left) and my friend posing for the camera!!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of you! I love your haircut, very pretty and chic.

sounds like you had a really fun evening.

SHOEGAL said...

It's better to be a day behind than a day ahead like I was on Tuesday. I was convinced it was Wednesday all day on Tuesday.

Boutique Girl said...

Elisabeth: thank you very much! I have had my hair like this since about April - I feel that it is time for a change!!!!! Maybe grow the fringe back out again!

Shoegal: This is very true I hate that feeling when you realise that you still have another day to go!!