Monday, 21 July 2008


Sorry for not posting on Saturday! I was only working in the morning and did not get a chance to post.

Saturday's outfit consisted of:

Cotton floral print dress - Vila
Tan wedges - Dune

After I got off work at 1pm I headed home for a quick change (into a pair of jeans, a white vest top and a beige hoodie). We then threw our overnight bags into the car and headed through to Edinburgh. We were spending the weekend with my bf family. One of his sisters has recently moved so was having a house warming BBQ, and her and her husband invited us all to stay over.

On Sunday we were up very early thanks to
  1. A terrible air bed
  2. A 2 year old in the next room!

So, we had a lovely breakfast together (bacon rolls and lots of tea and orange juice) in the garden. Then the girls headed to the city centre for an hour. We went to the most adorable shop called "Paper Tiger" where I managed to spend £25 on all kinds of cards and wrapping paper and ribbon!! I love to receive things in the mail that are not bills, so I am always sending things on to other people!

After the shopping trip we made our separate ways home. My bf and I stopped in at his parents as they had just returned from summer holiday. We were heading to a friends house for a take away curry, but before leaving I got the bags unpacked and the laundry sorted out!


Jane said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.
I had never heard of Vila before I read your blog but after seeing the clothes they will be first on my shopping list when I come out of shopping purdah! said...

Airbeds are the worst - although some are not so bad. Some of the newer models can open up automatically and have faux headboards (of course for the price they charge you might as well get a real bed or at least a sofa couch).
Love your blog - its always so fun and cute clothes!

Boutique Girl said...

Jane: Vila is a fantastic brand,great up to date fashion at truly good prices (floral dress retails at £29.99). It is stocked in Bank, Republic, House of Fraser and of course with my good self!

SDL: Thank goodness it is very rare that I have to sleep on one of these things!

Ace said...

Wow... love to spend time with my family. We also had gone for a vacation trip together.