Thursday, 10 July 2008

Don't you just love the general public??

I could scream and stamp my feet - basically have a tantrum like a small child! I, on the whole have had great experiences with customers in my shop but this morning I had a truly awful lady in!

As I have said it is Summer Sale time, I have slashed prices. I have two rails full of styles that are reduced to £10. The rest of the items are 50% off the original price (which was already very reasonable). However, I have one small rail that is not reduced - these are items which I have only taken delivery of in the last month and are new season styles. I do, however, have this area very clearly marked with signs that state "The items below are not in the Summer Sale! Sorry!" They are big old signs with very clear font and a colour that stands out.

So, back to this morning, I had a few ladies in browsing the sale rails picking out various styles and chatting about how great the prices were. One of the ladies asked if it would be ok to try some things on. I showed her to the fitting room. After a short time she came back out and handed me two styles letting me know which she would like to take and which she would just leave!

The one that she wanted was not in the sale! I pointed this out to her, she put her bag down on the counter and said to me "Well your not busy, I'll take it if you make it £10!!"
The top retails at £19.99 (not a huge amount of money). I explained that the style was new and that it had been deliberately left out of the sale. She sniggered and said "Oh come on, I will take it if you make it £10".

I was beginning to feel insulted and felt like she was treating me like a small child, that did not know what they were talking about. So, very calmly I explained, again, why the style was not reduced and stated that the price was £19.99.
She grabbed her bag turned and walked out of the shop muttering under her breath "You try and help people and this is what you get."

I was not aware that me and my shop were a charity case, and therefore should have taken the very rude woman up on her offer.
You do just have to love the general public, don't you?

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