Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I usually wear this dress with black tights and a heavier shoe (the only reason for this - it came into stock at the tail end of winter, so I teamed it with items that made it suitable for that time of year) but I decided that I was far too casual last week.

However, I may never wear this dress ever again!!!! A very, very rude lady has just asked me if I am pregnant??? I am not!! I am only wearing a UK size 12. OK at the moment I have one or two items in my wardrobe that are a little neat - but come on!!!

I would never ever ask someone that I did not know from Adam (and did not know for a fact that they definitely were pregnant and had not just gained a few pounds) if they were pregnant!!
Is it just me, or is that just a down right rude thing to do??

So, today's outfit is:

Printed cotton dress - Vila
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barratt
Silver necklace & bracelet - Tiffany

Yesterday afternoon was lovely, the bf and I got home at just after 1pm, we had a lovely lunch of BBQ leftovers. After a quick change (for my bf) we headed into town for a wander. I wanted to get some colourful basics to brighten up my wardrobe at this in between time! These were purchased from good old H&M.

We then headed to Waterstones where we had a look around - I have grown to love book stores, I could spend hours browsing. We headed up to the back of the store with our purchases and enjoyed a coffee and a muffin in Costa Coffee.

Finally we went to Tesco to stock up on healthy food for the week. The funny thing about the pregnancy comment is, I had already decided to do something about losing a few pounds! We ended the day with a walk along the beach. We are very lucky to live two streets away from the beach.


Elisabeth said...

She DID NOT seriously ask that?! That's awful! And so uncalled for. You look fabulous in that dress, not at all pregnant. Wear it again, just to show her.

workthatwardrobe said...

You don't look at all pregnant. It's a lovely dress. Maybe she was jealous. Is it the same rude customer who came in last week?

Elena S. said...

I have received the same "pregnant" comments! ja! but your dress looks very nice and you definetly don't look pregnant. Greetings from Mexico city...

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you all, you are very kind!

Elisabeth: Seriously a stranger did ask me that! I love the dress and will not be puyt off wearing it!

WTW: Unfortunately it was yet another rude customer! There are a lot of them about!

Elena: A friend I told this story to last night said it had also happened to her! I would never dream of commenting on a persons weight!!

SHOEGAL said...

First up, you don't look pregnant in the slightest, the dress is lovely and it would be such a shame if you never wore it again. (If you really don't want it, send it to me! lol)

Second up, ban that rude woman from your shop immediately. She clearly does not have the class to warrent her shopping in an establishment such as yours.

I hope today was better for you.

Anonymous said...

I've had those kind of comments b-4 and i end up gettin rid of the outfit that caused such a thought!..i think its definitely rude to ask someone if they're prego! sad thing is, i'm apple shaped so i've gotten that question a few times...You look great in your outfit!!