Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tuesday 28.09.10


Temperatures are dropping here - this depresses yet excites me at the same time. I have so many items from my winter wardrobe that I could not wear last year that they kind of feel new again! If I could only get things in gear and tackle my ironing mountain I would have even more choice!!

Today's outfit is:

Shorts - H&M
Waistcoat - S'Nob
T-shirt - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - Faith
Necklace - Guess

Great service!


I often find that people are super quick to complain when things are bad or not quite as they expected. They then feel the need to go around telling everyone about the terrible time that they had. Yet you rarely hear people spread the word when they have had nice or good service.

I had an excellent customer service experience yesterday and I thought that I should share.

When we were heading on holiday I decided to take a look around the duty free at the airport and I found myself at the Benefit counter. I have used one or two of the products (lip glosses mainly) but my sister uses almost everything that they sell and raves about them. I was browsing thinking that a new blusher would be a nice treat, when the assistant came over and asked if she could help. I said that I was just looking as I had not really used the products, she asked if I would like her to put some of the products on for me.

It was 6.30am and I had nothing on my face, so I said yes. She put various products on and told me all about them etc. She used "Some Kind-a Gorgeous" a foundation faker and it felt amazing on my skin as she applied it and for the remainder of the day!

The following morning I had a large spot on my chin - I thought that a day of flying and not drinking enough water was to blame and thought nothing of it!
Since coming home I have used the product on the days that I am in work and each time the following day I have a large spot on my chin!

So yesterday I went to my local Benefit counter and explained my situation. The girl was fabulous and apologised for the inconvenience that I was experiencing and she suggested that I try "You Rebel". She applied it and sent me off with a new tube in place of my "Some Kind-a Gorgeous".

I have used the product this morning and it feels great (and smells beautiful) and I hope that this works out OK for me. I really just wanted to let you all know about my good customer service experience with Benefit!

Saturday 25.09.10


New clothes, new clothes!!!

These are the first clothes that I have taken from the shop for AGES!!! Well I was rather pregnant and then not working for a while. But last week I decided that I had been good for far too long and some jeans and a sweater made their way home with me!

The jeans are super skinny (I had to put them on like tights!!) and they are marketed as bum lifting jeans! The pockets are shaped and positioned to give a nice round and lifted look!
I have to say I like the effect and although the jeans are very skinny, they are very comfortable!

As for the sweater, well it is just so cute - and it goes very well with my new wedge shoe boots!! Need I say more?

Saturday's outfit was:

Jeans - Vila @ i am.....
Sweater - Vila @ i am.....
Vest - Tesco
Boots - Forever 21

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday 21.09.10.


Wow - I have been a really slack blogger lately! I have had a lot going on...... We were on holiday, then as of last week I now work 2 days a week (not much I know but a big change for me and baby O) and I have been planning O's christening - which was on Sunday!

It was a fantastic day - the rain stayed away - and our home was filled with our family and friends. My mum and I catered a hot buffet lunch (chili, chicken curry, lasagna, macaroni, baked potatoes, rice, salad) we served Cava for a few hours (then set up a bar - think buckets full of ice with beer, wine etc - in the garage) ate cake and had a great day!


Baby O was beautiful and such a good girl in church. She was great all day and only got a bit grumpy as she did not get her usual 2 hour nap!

So, today it is back to work for me. I did not really have any idea of what I wanted to wear today, so I dug through the drawers and found this tunic. I love the gold jersey fabric and the shape of the tunic. I feel comfortable and put together, but I think that I am going to try this look again with my new wedge shoe boots and lots of necklaces!

Today's look is:

Tunic - Max C London
Leggings - Oasis
Shoes - Primark

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Saturday 04.09.


Well the holiday is over and I am back to work! Why do holidays go so fast??

We had a fantastic time, Orla was a star on all of the flights and slept most of the time, the weather was mixed but always very warm (which was not always the best with Orla) the shopping was OK but not as good as I had hoped (little miss need nothing until about 12 months) the food was great but way too much as always.

So, as always after holidays we are home to frugal and healthy eating. We are seriously needing to replenish the savings so frugal is the way for us at the moment. And healthy is good too!

I really wanted to wear a dress today as it is warm and sunny, but I have a huge dry cleaning pile and an even huge-er (yes huge-er) ironing pile. So this dress was one of my only options. I do like it, but I think I like it more with tights than bare legs!

Today's outfit is:

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Primark