Friday, 29 August 2008


I did not sleep too well last night and then had trouble getting up this morning! However, I am still getting up a little earlier and using the time to do things that I would usually do after work (helps free up some time). So, this morning I made a pot of chilli for us to have for dinner tonight - I will make some potato wedges for us to have with it!

Today's outfit is:

Brown leggings - Oasis
Khaki cami (not seen) - Topshop
Beige tunic - Blendshe
Leopard print ballet flats - Primark
Turquoise glass necklace - Primark
Bracelets - same as yesterday

Not fair!

I am feeling a wee bit sorry for myself and thought I would just let all you guys know! You see, the shop is almost 1 year old, which is fab, but I have not had more than 3 days off since November and I am feeling so tired and ready for a break!
On top of this my entire family are all away on their summer holidays in the sun (my mum, dad and one sister are in Orlando and my other sister and her fiance are in Zante). I was doing quite well with this, but I have just had a text from a friend to tell me that she is off to Spain on Tuesday!

I think I just have a case of the green eyed monster, but all I really want is a few days off of work (and worrying about work) in the sun!
I know that I should not complain as we are booked to go a mini break to London and for a week in Orlando, but those still seem so long away (early October and late November).

Oh yeah and the thing that is making me feel worst is, it is my bf's nephews 2nd birthday party tomorrow afternoon and I can not go, as everyone that helps me out in the shop is off sunning themselves!!

Thursday, 28 August 2008


I am a little more casual today (I have some bites - not sure what from - on my legs and yesterday my tights irritated them). I was shopping with my sister about 2 weeks and we saw these shoes in the Topshop sale and both bought a pair! They are just too cute! But, we have decided that they are inside only shoes due to the fact that they are such a soft suede!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black skinny jeans - Primark
Black long sleeved t-shirt - Primark
Coral scarf - Next
Coral suede (cute) ballet flats - Topshop
Black blazer - SkunkFunk
Silver bracelets - Tiffany
Turquoise charm bracelet - Thomas Sabo

I just had to put a close up of the shoes in! I tried to take a picture with me wearing the
blazer but it did not come out well. I really love the details on the jacket!

It's all good!

A great day was had by me yesterday, I was busy with customers and sales, plus I got lots of bit and bobs done. Then, yesterday evening I had my first ever appointment with French Connection! And as of December 2008 (yes, 3 months away) I (well i am.....) will be an official stockist of the brand!

I am more excited than you can imagine. I am a long time lover of the brand and for my little shop to be doing well enough to stock is just the best thing ever!
I can barely sit still, I am planning all of my future outfits already!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Walking home last night I got totally soaked. It began to pour down with rain just as I was heading out of the door to walk home, and it was not just your average shower, no this was one almighty down-pour and the rain was slanting in sideways making an umbrella useless!
This mornings weather was just the same so tights and a light weight coat were a must!

Today's outfit consists of:

Green patterned dress - Soo-Lee
Black cropped cardigan - Primark
Black patterned tights - Tesco
Black wedges - Faith
Necklace - Primark
Grey 3/4 coat - Vila

As it is coming to that time of year, I thought I would post a picture of the coat that I have with me today.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Today has been a better day weather wise and that has meant more shoppers out and about! I have had a very positive and active day.
I got up 20 minutes earlier than normal and went to the supermarket for our food that we need for the week. We have a busy week ahead so I thought I should go early morning and get the job out of the way, that way the evenings that we do have to ourselves we can do nice things and not food shopping!
It was a great time to go, the store was almost empty of customers, but full of lovely fresh food. I got everything that I needed and was back home in super quick time.

My new aim is to use this time in the mornings for more productive things, like shopping, laundry, cleaning etc. That way my free time should be free time!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black & white striped dress - S'nob
Black cardigan - Vila
White lace trimmed cami - Primark
Black necklace - Primark
Black patent jewelled ballet flats - Nine West

London Baby!!

My wonderful bf is taking me on a mini-break to London in October and I am very excited! We are going Thursday to Saturday - it will be great!
We were out on Friday night with friends of ours and they mentioned that flights were crazy cheap, so we all checked it out and got return flights for £10 per person so all four of us are heading for a weekend of sight-seeing, eating, drinking and shopping (just a little - it is time off for me after all!)

We have no hotel booked yet, but there are loads to choose from and plenty of deals as we are heading mid-week.
We have already booked into one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants on the Thursday night and I can not wait. I love him (not like that) I am totally in awe of all that he has achieved, I love to watch how he turns a venue around with his tips and expertise!
On the Friday night we are heading to a champagne bar. We have decided to make it a weekend of luxury eating and drinking!

So, the next 4 (or so weeks) will be spent organising what clothes I am going to take. I have also decided to make it my mission to style my bf for our trip. At the moment I am watching a shirt, jumper, polo shirt and t-shirt on ebay (all new with tags) for him, I just need to add a pair of jeans and a pair of smart trousers and that will be him set!

My fave place to shop (well browse) when I am in London - Liberty!

Monday, 25 August 2008


Oh dear, I am so bored! It is an English bank holiday today, but unfortunately our banks have taken it too. On top of this the weather is identical to that of a winters night! I have not had one single person through the door all day - not good! However, I have decided that if the situation is still the same in one hour I am going to close early! No point staying when there are not even people out and about walking and browsing.

My weekend was quiet had a few drinks with my parents on Saturday night before they headed off to Orlando for 2 weeks holiday. Sunday was great and very relaxed. I got up early, sorted out some laundry and headed off for a walk along the beach. I stopped off at the supermarket on my way past and bought what I needed to make French Toast for breakfast.
The rest of the morning was spent doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and just pottering around the house.

In the afternoon my bf was helping a friend move house, so I went to meet my friend for coffee. It was great to catch up and hear all her news (she gets married next Friday). I then had a walk along the High Street popped into Boots and picked up some body lotion, I then went to Primark where I got a couple of new necklaces (including the one I have on today) and some new underwear.
The rest of the day was just spent quietly about the house reading and watching TV.

Today's outfit consists of:

Wide legged jeans - American Eagle
Brown bib detail t-shirt - Vila
Tan wedges - Dune
Turquoise glass necklace - Primark
Turquoise charm bracelet - Thomas Sabo
Silver Bracelets - Tiffany

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Day 3 of new clothes - I love when the seasons change and my work wardrobe gets an overhaul! It is most definitely a perk of the job.

We went out last night and I did just change the flip-flops for some pewter heels, the rest of the outfit remained the same! We had a great night chatting and catching up with friends and we managed to get home at a reasonable hour, so getting up for work this morning was not a problem!

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend - my family are all heading off on their summer holidays between Sunday and Monday so we will be visiting them all before they head off! Other than that the weekend is very much open.

Today's outfit consists of:

Grey pinstripe trousers - Blendshe
Purple bib detail jumper - Blendshe
Pewter wedges - Payless shoes?
Silver bracelets - Tiffany

A close up of my shoes and the bottoms of my trousers. Below a closer picture of the detail (and colour of my jumper). The buttons are not on in a strange arrangment, the fabric goes in different directions which seems to be creating this look!

Friday, 22 August 2008


More new clothes for me today - well a new scarf, which I am loving! I am feeling very much like I am dressed for casual Friday in this outfit - a good feeling!
I have had a very productive day cleaning up the shop, sorting out the stock and dressing the window. I have had lots of browsers in and a handful of customers buying so all in all a good day!

I think we are heading out for drinks with friends tonight which will be fun, I am planning on adding heels to this outfit and keeping a casual look!

Today's outfit is:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Black t-shirt - American Eagle
Grey & black leopard print scarf - Blendshe
Black flip-flops - Havaianas (ebay)
Silver bracelets - Tiffany

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Oohh, new clothes, I love getting up in the morning and having something new to wear! This shirt/tunic/dress is one of the many lines that came into my shop last week and I love it! I have a very similar one in Mustard from last year which I will be digging out in the next month or so!

I have been pretty lazy so far today, I have been browsing ebay for a pair of plum/purple shoes, buying the cutest card for my bf's nephew who turns 2 next week. I also order 2 new books for his collection a "Thomas and Friends" one and "The Lighthouse Keeper Stories"! The second one I had to buy as I remember reading this book at school when I was about 7 (wow, that was a while ago) and we then did a project on the story, so that one is actually for me but I will let him keep at his house! I also did the same thing a Christmas with "The Tiger Who Came To Tea".

Today's outfit consists of:

Plum shirt (dress/tunic) - Blendshe
Black ribbed leggings - Vila
Black cami (not seen) - Primark
Black patent jewelled ballet flats - Nine West
Necklace - Primark

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I decided to go for simple but smart today. This outfit feels great to wear and, I think, looks good too!

Today's outfit is:

Black wide leg trousers - Vila
Black 3/4 sleeve blouse - H&M
Chiffon scarf - Tie Rack
Black patent t-bar wedges - Baratts

Feeling sorry for myself!

I am not in the best of moods today. At home there is a lot of family stuff going on and I am not sleeping too well, on top of this my bf and I have not spent much quality time together in a while. This morning I was already feeling a bit down in the dumps and then I went into the mini-market along from the shop, didn't notice that the floor was wet slipped and fell!

When I say that I did not notice that the floor was wet, that was because there was no "wet floor" sign and it was pouring outside!
I fell flat out, landing heavily on one knee and scraping my hand. My bag fell off of my shoulder and about 50% of the contents scattered across the floor.

I jumped up (embarrassed, the store was busy) and said that I was fine (I had only banged my knee a bit) but as the day has gone on my knee has gotten stiff and swollen up quite a lot!

Sorry for the pity party post! But I do feel a little better for letting you guys know about my rubbish day/sore knee!

Time for a change!

I was having a lovely morning reading Glamour magazine when I came across a little article about Suri Cruise!
Well an article about her hair style should be left to children of her age!!!!

This is currently the style that I have myself and I in no way feel like it is a child like look (I know that it is one favoured by lots of parents for children). For me it is also not an easy style to maintain - there is no get up and go for me, I have to straighten my fringe every morning!

So, it is time for a change, the fringe is going! In all honesty I have been thinking about growing it out for a few weeks, but now I am definitely doing it!

Here are the examples of the people that Glamour magazine thought should grow up and get rid!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was in Manchester all day - well I say all day but I was actually only in Manchester for 2 hours I spent the other 8 hours going between Glasgow and Manchester on trains!! So, I hope you can all forgive me. No outfit picture but I wore this but I added in black footless tights and my leopard print cardigan!

I am still very tired today after all of my travel yesterday so I decided to keep my look casual today (I am also to try and wear some autumn styles to help with sales!).
Today's outfit consists of:

Straight leg jeans - Vila
Grey long sleeved t-shirt - Forever 21
Grey striped cardigan - Vila
Silver ballet flats - New Look

It's Pink and I Love It!!

My new Blackberry (or Pinkberry as I like to call it) I got it on Saturday and I love, love, love it. I love all of the functions that I have never had before, but most of all I love the cuteness!
Our mobile phone contracts have been up for renewal for a few weeks but we have not managed to sort it all out.

But, my amazing bf sat in the store for hours and hours on Saturday morning getting things all in order for us!

The old saying "Simple things for simple minds" suits me at the moment I think!
My Blackberry and ipod are new best friends!!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008


I can not wait until Monday!!
The schools go back and that means that things should get back to normal for me. The shop has been quiet over the last 2 weeks, I am trying not to worry as I have spoken to my neighbouring traders and they are all experiencing the same thing. It seems that August is just one of those quieter months, people have other things to spend their money on - i.e. school uniforms!
Quiet days just always seem so much worse when they happen on a Saturday!

Today's outfit consists of:

LBD - Vila
Black cropped cradigan - Primark
Multi colour shell necklace - Topshop
Black patent shoes - Christian Louboutin
Black patent bag - Bendshe

I am in love with this bag! It came into the shop on Thursday (along with a lot of other things) and I just had to have one! It does help that the bag and shoes are a match made in heaven!!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Winter has come to i am.....

It is official!

In the last two days I have taken delivery of 17 boxes of winter styles. My feelings about this, at the moment, are very mixed! My sensible business head says "Fab, lots of time to sell all of the amazing styles".

Last year I opened when all of the winter styles were in stock and I lost so much selling time.

However, my worrier head says "Oh no, 17 boxes all at the one time, that means I have to pay for 17 boxes all at the one time!"

My beautiful shop looks like a bomb has gone off, I am slowly but surely wading my way through the boxes!

The best part of this whole episode is that I have loads of new clothes to wear - I simply have to model the new styles for my customers!


The lovely mild days are starting to come around less and less, so, I thought I would give this yummy dress a little outing before I can no longer get away with it!
This outfit makes me feel pretty - it is not often that I get that particular feeling about an outfit!

Today's outfit consists of:

Floral cotton dress - Vila
Tan wedges - Dune
Brown wooden bead jewellery - Plume

Thursday, 14 August 2008


A good sleep was not had last night and this morning I was not in the mood for getting up or getting dressed! So, I went for the most simple option I could think - my new best friend! I am loving this dress so, so much, I am sorry if everyone else is fed up seeing me wear it!

Today's outfit consists of:

Tribal sleeveless dress - Vila
Black shrug cardigan - Primark
zebra print flip flops - Dune
Necklace - Primark
Silver bracelets - Tiffany

I am still getting to grips with taking pictures and leaving my head in - old habits do die hard!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


It is wet and miserable today and I decided to try and dress appropriately - unlike last night when I went out walking with my friend minus waterproofs, I came in a little wet!!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Straight leg jeans - Vila
White half sleeve t-shirt - Tesco
Silk scarf - Tie Rack
Blue patent ballet flats - Primark
Silver bracelets - Tiffany

I have decided to try and use my scarves in different ways! I am pleased with the results today!


As I said I forgot to take the camera to work yesterday, so, I took the picture as soon as I got home. I felt really good in this outfit all day yesterday, but now that I look back on the picture I do not feel as cute as I did! I think it may have something to do with the awful hair that I am sporting!

Tuesday's outfit was:

Black linen shorts - Primark
Black cami - Primark
Black and white striped top - Vera Moda
Red ballet flats - Tod's
Silver necklace - Tiffany
Black and white bangle - Primark

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I seem to have lost......

...... my sense of direction!!
I got lost twice on the way to my appointment yesterday! At the last minute I decided to drive instead of take the train - it is so much quicker this way! All was fine until I got into the depths of the Glasgow Eastend, every road that I wanted to cut across, get onto etc was closed and had a diversion in place. Now diversions are all well and good, but afterwards there is not a sign that says
"BoutiqueGirl, you want to go this way,then that and then straight on for a bit and you will get to where you want to be!!!"

My sister would not let me ask passers by for directions as she was sure we would get shot for the car stereo and ipod! So, I basically made things up for a while - to the point of driving the wrong way down a one way street!!! Not my finest moment - but I swear I did a three point turn as soon as I could and went the correct way!
Eventually, I saw the train station that I would have come out at (had I taken the train) and all was cool as I then knew where I was!

The appointment was fab! I am so, so excited about what I have coming in next spring! The brand that I was buying is SkunkFunk, you can check out some of their 2008 styles here! It is a very cool, funky brand that likes to push the limits a little. For spring 2009 they are using a lot of organic and eco fabrics, which is a major plus point for me selling the range!

I have forgotten the camera today, but I will take my picture at home this evening and post my outfit tomorrow!

Monday, 11 August 2008

This week's plans.

This week, I think, could turn out to be a bit hectic! So far my plans for this week are:

  • Start buying Spring stock for the shop.
  • Make a start of the VAT return for this quarter (Due 01.09.08) YUK!
  • List as much as I can on Ebay to keep money turning over while the shop is quieter.
  • Do a mail drop to let customers and potential customers know about a new brand that (fingers crossed) will be here this week.
  • Get the laundry up to date and keep it that way.
  • Make a point of arranging catch ups with 3 friends.
  • Make healthy lunches in advance!
  • Walk at least 4 times!

I think my bf is home all of this week, so that means that he will be around to help out with chores etc, which will ease the load slightly!


Early post for me!!! I am off buying new styles for SPRING 09 this afternoon, so decided to post before I went!
I am heading to Glasgow for my appointment with the brand agent, she works out of an old converted warehouse, it is a great building, but it is in a very bad area and 70% of the building is made of glass - very hot! The weather today is not that great, but I have been tricked before, so that is why I have opted for the cotton sleeveless dress!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black cotton sleeveless dress - Topshop
Black cardigan - Vila
Cream belt - Primark
Cream and black ballet flats - New Look
Multi colour shell necklace - Topshop

As you can see I have not chopped my head off in the picture today!! I have decided to give leaving my head and face in the shot a try!! Not sure what my feelings are at the moment!

Yesterday, the bf and I had a great day of not really doing anything very exciting!! We had a quiet night in on Saturday (we watched Knocked Up) and had an early night - a good sleep was had!
I had decided to set my alarm for 8.30am on Sunday morning, so that I could get up before my bf and get my walk done early, meaning that we had the rest of the day free.
I was on my way by 9am, I headed down onto the beach and walked as far as I could, I then cut up through some residential streets to get to the main street. I stopped off at the supermarket for supplies for breakfast and headed back home! I was back home in just over 30 minutes - not bad I thought! I had a quick shower and went to wake my bf. We made breakfast together (scrambled eggs and toast - I had bought a lovely un-cut wholemeal loaf) cleared up and headed to the supermarket to stock up on the food needed for the week ahead!

We headed to a local garden centre for a wander around and some yummy home-made lunch! We then went to visit my bf parents - it was a flying visit, as it was a beautiful day and we wanted to enjoy it!
The remainder of the day was spent cutting the grass, sorting washing and reading in the garden! A lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Ta dah!!!!!

Not a bad outfit pulled together this morning all things considering. Wanted to make sure that I looked a bit better than thrown together as we often stop off on the way home for a quick drink - as a Saturday treat!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black skinny jeans - Vila
Navy satin top - Topshop
Pewter peep toe heels - Nine West
Black necklace - H&M

All over the place!

I slept in this morning and now I feel like I am truly all over the place!!
My bf had to pick his parents up from the airport very late last night so we had no plans! I went out a very long with my sister and we talked and talked about her on off boyfriend situation (very off at the moment - hopefully it will stay this way and she will move on) afterwards I went for a nice hot bath and headed for an early night!

My alarm went off as normal at 7.30am, and I thought to myself how awake I felt.........
Bad thought, I then woke with a fright at 8.50am, the shop opens at 9.30am not good!!

I decided to give the hair washing a miss, so I had the quickest shower in history, threw on a bath robe, ran downstairs made a cup of tea and a slice of toast before dressing and waking my bf to drive me to the shop! I was in and open for 9.35am!

I know that you are probably thinking tea and toast????? If I had not squeezed them in I would have been snacking all day long on truly bad food. I thought that cotton wool head was enough to deal with in one day!

Friday, 8 August 2008


Wow, Friday again the weeks are just flying by at the moment - or is that just me? Not been a great week work wise, the shop has been very quiet! It has not been this way for a long time, so I am taking it even harder. I am making myself feel better about it by reminding myself that our schools go back in a week, so most of my customers are buying school uniforms and school supplies. I have not particularly enjoyed the holidays, a lot of people let their children run riot in my shop, climbing on the furniture, touching things and eating and drinking (in some cases even spilling) in the shop.

I felt the need for a dress today, I think my days of bare legs are numbered, it is definitely getting colder here. Not cold but not humid in the way that it has been. I have decided to stock up on lots of coloured tights for autumn winter to brighten up black and grey basics.

Today's outfit consists of:

Patterned satin dress - Vila
Gold Grecian sandals - New Look
Cream cashmere cardigan - River Island
Black and gold necklaces - H&M

Thursday, 7 August 2008


I was on my own last night (bf was away with work) so I had a night of pampering! I went home picked up the car and went to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces. I had a dinner for one, sorted out some washing, did a little bit of ironing (in no way pampering - I know) and then ran myself a nice bubble bath. While the bath was filling, I took all of my make up off, used my scrub and just before I got into the bath I put on a soothing face mask! I lay in the bath reading a trashy gossip magazine (that I had bought at the supermarket) until the water started to cool.
After drying, I covered myself from shoulder to toe in firming body cream, put on lovely soft jersey pj's watched about an hour of TV and went to bed! I had another fantastic nights sleep (I think my short break has done the world of good).

The ironing part of my evening was essential! I was honestly starting to run out of clothes, pieces of my outfit today were found at the bottom of the ironing pile!

Today's outfit consists of:

White wide leg linen crops - Primark
White cami - Primark
Grey merino jumper - S'nob
Silk star scarf - Tesco
Silver sandals - Birkenstock

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


The weather has turned wet and miserable, but it is still very mild. With this in mind I altered what I was going to wear today. I was planning on wearing my white capri length trousers as they are clean and bright looking, but I swapped in my skinny jeans to save my legs getting soaked on the walk to work.

Today's outfit consists of:

Skinny jeans - Vila
Khaki cami - Topshop
Beige over size jumper - Vila
Multi colour shell necklace - Topshop
Brown acrylic bangle - Ebay
Brown sling back shoes - River Island

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Although I have no outfit pictures of our little 2 day holiday I thought I would post a bit about where we were and what we did!
As I mentioned we got up on Sunday morning and headed straight to Aberfoyle (it is a drive of about 1 hour 30 minutes) we were there by lunchtime, but the weather was not great.
So the first hour or so was spent with my bf reliving childhood memories (he spent holidays here when he was young) and me getting shown around. We were staying in an apartment at the Forrest Hills Hotel. It was lovely and more than big enough for the 5 of us!

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking walks looking at the stunning views, feeding the ducks and having a paddle in the loch (even though it was freezing and raining). We headed for lunch at a nearby coffee shop in between everything else.
Dinner was had in the hotel restaurant and we then spent the rest of the evening on the balcony drinking wine, chatting and watching the sunset over the loch.

Monday was an amazing day! The weather was very bright, hot and sunny, so we all got up early made bacon sandwiches and decided what we were going to do for the day.
It was decided that were going to Loch Katrine to take the boat tour around the loch. It was great and the views were stunning!

For lunch we went to a local Deli and stocked up on beautiful breads, cheese, ham and chutney and found picnic area to eat it all at. It was delicious and much nicer than the picnics of my childhood!!
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the loch at the hotel. The girls sat on a blanket on the shore drinking wine, the boys went in swimming and took a rowing boat out and the baby went between paddling, having a go in the boat and sitting on the blanket chittering with the cold.

We all had a meal outside in a pub beer garden before we made our way home. All of the fresh, clean air and walking made me very tired, so I showered and was in bed by 9.30pm. I had the best sleep I have had in months.

Finally the only outfit picture of the trip!!! I was not aware that it had been taken! But at least it shows that the outfits that I wore were not worthy of being blogged about!


No post yesterday - I am not even sorry about this as we were in Aberfoyle for 2 days! We got a very unexpected invitation from my bf's sister (she and her family are taking a holiday in a beautiful apartment there) to join them for a few days. So we jumped into the car first thing on Sunday morning and we were there having fun by lunch time!

Back to work (and blogging) today - I do wish I was still out having fun, but my baby needs me so I am hard at it!
Today's outfit consists of:

Beige linen trousers - Vila
Patterned cotton tunic - S'nob
Gold Grecian sandals - New Look
Turquoise necklace - H&M

Saturday, 2 August 2008


I am feeling a little off and very tired today. It is also getting very humid again, and my feet are too hot and a bit sore in these shoes! All in all I am not a very happy bunny!

Today's outfit consists of:

White cotton dress - Vila
White cami - Primark
Black patent t-bar wedges - Barratts

Friday, 1 August 2008


Nearing the end of another week - I have to say it has been quite a slow one for me! We have got another busy weekend ahead of us - which as always will be fun I am sure!

I was feeling a little un-inspired this morning so I played safe! Today's outfit consists of the following:

Jeans - Vila
Floral cheese cloth blouse - Vila
White cami - Primark
Blue patent ballet flats - Primark