Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Although I have no outfit pictures of our little 2 day holiday I thought I would post a bit about where we were and what we did!
As I mentioned we got up on Sunday morning and headed straight to Aberfoyle (it is a drive of about 1 hour 30 minutes) we were there by lunchtime, but the weather was not great.
So the first hour or so was spent with my bf reliving childhood memories (he spent holidays here when he was young) and me getting shown around. We were staying in an apartment at the Forrest Hills Hotel. It was lovely and more than big enough for the 5 of us!

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking walks looking at the stunning views, feeding the ducks and having a paddle in the loch (even though it was freezing and raining). We headed for lunch at a nearby coffee shop in between everything else.
Dinner was had in the hotel restaurant and we then spent the rest of the evening on the balcony drinking wine, chatting and watching the sunset over the loch.

Monday was an amazing day! The weather was very bright, hot and sunny, so we all got up early made bacon sandwiches and decided what we were going to do for the day.
It was decided that were going to Loch Katrine to take the boat tour around the loch. It was great and the views were stunning!

For lunch we went to a local Deli and stocked up on beautiful breads, cheese, ham and chutney and found picnic area to eat it all at. It was delicious and much nicer than the picnics of my childhood!!
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the loch at the hotel. The girls sat on a blanket on the shore drinking wine, the boys went in swimming and took a rowing boat out and the baby went between paddling, having a go in the boat and sitting on the blanket chittering with the cold.

We all had a meal outside in a pub beer garden before we made our way home. All of the fresh, clean air and walking made me very tired, so I showered and was in bed by 9.30pm. I had the best sleep I have had in months.

Finally the only outfit picture of the trip!!! I was not aware that it had been taken! But at least it shows that the outfits that I wore were not worthy of being blogged about!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend getaway!

Boutique Girl said...

It was just perfect, spending time with my bf and his family! The place was amazing and the good weather just made it even better!