Friday, 8 August 2008


Wow, Friday again the weeks are just flying by at the moment - or is that just me? Not been a great week work wise, the shop has been very quiet! It has not been this way for a long time, so I am taking it even harder. I am making myself feel better about it by reminding myself that our schools go back in a week, so most of my customers are buying school uniforms and school supplies. I have not particularly enjoyed the holidays, a lot of people let their children run riot in my shop, climbing on the furniture, touching things and eating and drinking (in some cases even spilling) in the shop.

I felt the need for a dress today, I think my days of bare legs are numbered, it is definitely getting colder here. Not cold but not humid in the way that it has been. I have decided to stock up on lots of coloured tights for autumn winter to brighten up black and grey basics.

Today's outfit consists of:

Patterned satin dress - Vila
Gold Grecian sandals - New Look
Cream cashmere cardigan - River Island
Black and gold necklaces - H&M


D'Rae said...

I like the dress and cardigan combo. Looks cute!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this dress on you. It's my favorite.

V. jealous of your cooler weather!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you! I will soon be wearing the dress with black tights and a dark cardigan for the cooler weather!