Thursday, 21 August 2008


Oohh, new clothes, I love getting up in the morning and having something new to wear! This shirt/tunic/dress is one of the many lines that came into my shop last week and I love it! I have a very similar one in Mustard from last year which I will be digging out in the next month or so!

I have been pretty lazy so far today, I have been browsing ebay for a pair of plum/purple shoes, buying the cutest card for my bf's nephew who turns 2 next week. I also order 2 new books for his collection a "Thomas and Friends" one and "The Lighthouse Keeper Stories"! The second one I had to buy as I remember reading this book at school when I was about 7 (wow, that was a while ago) and we then did a project on the story, so that one is actually for me but I will let him keep at his house! I also did the same thing a Christmas with "The Tiger Who Came To Tea".

Today's outfit consists of:

Plum shirt (dress/tunic) - Blendshe
Black ribbed leggings - Vila
Black cami (not seen) - Primark
Black patent jewelled ballet flats - Nine West
Necklace - Primark


Anonymous said...

I love The Tiger who came to Tea!!

Boutique Girl said...

I stil have my own copy from when I was younger!

Christina Lee said...

Oh yes, the Thomas obsession. My four year old has it bad!

Anonymous said...

What perfect gifts for your bf's nephew!