Saturday, 9 August 2008

All over the place!

I slept in this morning and now I feel like I am truly all over the place!!
My bf had to pick his parents up from the airport very late last night so we had no plans! I went out a very long with my sister and we talked and talked about her on off boyfriend situation (very off at the moment - hopefully it will stay this way and she will move on) afterwards I went for a nice hot bath and headed for an early night!

My alarm went off as normal at 7.30am, and I thought to myself how awake I felt.........
Bad thought, I then woke with a fright at 8.50am, the shop opens at 9.30am not good!!

I decided to give the hair washing a miss, so I had the quickest shower in history, threw on a bath robe, ran downstairs made a cup of tea and a slice of toast before dressing and waking my bf to drive me to the shop! I was in and open for 9.35am!

I know that you are probably thinking tea and toast????? If I had not squeezed them in I would have been snacking all day long on truly bad food. I thought that cotton wool head was enough to deal with in one day!

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workthatwardrobe said...

Hope your day ends better. I hate rushing but I can't survive without breakfast either.