Thursday, 7 August 2008


I was on my own last night (bf was away with work) so I had a night of pampering! I went home picked up the car and went to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces. I had a dinner for one, sorted out some washing, did a little bit of ironing (in no way pampering - I know) and then ran myself a nice bubble bath. While the bath was filling, I took all of my make up off, used my scrub and just before I got into the bath I put on a soothing face mask! I lay in the bath reading a trashy gossip magazine (that I had bought at the supermarket) until the water started to cool.
After drying, I covered myself from shoulder to toe in firming body cream, put on lovely soft jersey pj's watched about an hour of TV and went to bed! I had another fantastic nights sleep (I think my short break has done the world of good).

The ironing part of my evening was essential! I was honestly starting to run out of clothes, pieces of my outfit today were found at the bottom of the ironing pile!

Today's outfit consists of:

White wide leg linen crops - Primark
White cami - Primark
Grey merino jumper - S'nob
Silk star scarf - Tesco
Silver sandals - Birkenstock


Elisabeth said...

You look so cool and comfy. Love it!

Sounds like you had a nice night of pampering. I'm jealous.

Real Style Real People said...

Ooooh I am so jealous, I long for a night like that!

LaCouturier said...

wow you really are living the dream, with your own boutique! i would loveee to be able to open my own in the future someday. i'm just curious: what kind of things do you sell? vintage, your own designs, local designers, etc?

please visit my blog & comment =]

Boutique Girl said...

It was a lovely evening, thinking about maybe having one twice a month if I can!