Friday, 15 August 2008

Winter has come to i am.....

It is official!

In the last two days I have taken delivery of 17 boxes of winter styles. My feelings about this, at the moment, are very mixed! My sensible business head says "Fab, lots of time to sell all of the amazing styles".

Last year I opened when all of the winter styles were in stock and I lost so much selling time.

However, my worrier head says "Oh no, 17 boxes all at the one time, that means I have to pay for 17 boxes all at the one time!"

My beautiful shop looks like a bomb has gone off, I am slowly but surely wading my way through the boxes!

The best part of this whole episode is that I have loads of new clothes to wear - I simply have to model the new styles for my customers!

1 comment:

Christina Lee said...

That actually sounds so exciting and fun!