Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I seem to have lost......

...... my sense of direction!!
I got lost twice on the way to my appointment yesterday! At the last minute I decided to drive instead of take the train - it is so much quicker this way! All was fine until I got into the depths of the Glasgow Eastend, every road that I wanted to cut across, get onto etc was closed and had a diversion in place. Now diversions are all well and good, but afterwards there is not a sign that says
"BoutiqueGirl, you want to go this way,then that and then straight on for a bit and you will get to where you want to be!!!"

My sister would not let me ask passers by for directions as she was sure we would get shot for the car stereo and ipod! So, I basically made things up for a while - to the point of driving the wrong way down a one way street!!! Not my finest moment - but I swear I did a three point turn as soon as I could and went the correct way!
Eventually, I saw the train station that I would have come out at (had I taken the train) and all was cool as I then knew where I was!

The appointment was fab! I am so, so excited about what I have coming in next spring! The brand that I was buying is SkunkFunk, you can check out some of their 2008 styles here! It is a very cool, funky brand that likes to push the limits a little. For spring 2009 they are using a lot of organic and eco fabrics, which is a major plus point for me selling the range!

I have forgotten the camera today, but I will take my picture at home this evening and post my outfit tomorrow!

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