Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Today has been a better day weather wise and that has meant more shoppers out and about! I have had a very positive and active day.
I got up 20 minutes earlier than normal and went to the supermarket for our food that we need for the week. We have a busy week ahead so I thought I should go early morning and get the job out of the way, that way the evenings that we do have to ourselves we can do nice things and not food shopping!
It was a great time to go, the store was almost empty of customers, but full of lovely fresh food. I got everything that I needed and was back home in super quick time.

My new aim is to use this time in the mornings for more productive things, like shopping, laundry, cleaning etc. That way my free time should be free time!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black & white striped dress - S'nob
Black cardigan - Vila
White lace trimmed cami - Primark
Black necklace - Primark
Black patent jewelled ballet flats - Nine West

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SHOEGAL said...

Great dress, love the black and white look.