Monday, 11 August 2008


Early post for me!!! I am off buying new styles for SPRING 09 this afternoon, so decided to post before I went!
I am heading to Glasgow for my appointment with the brand agent, she works out of an old converted warehouse, it is a great building, but it is in a very bad area and 70% of the building is made of glass - very hot! The weather today is not that great, but I have been tricked before, so that is why I have opted for the cotton sleeveless dress!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black cotton sleeveless dress - Topshop
Black cardigan - Vila
Cream belt - Primark
Cream and black ballet flats - New Look
Multi colour shell necklace - Topshop

As you can see I have not chopped my head off in the picture today!! I have decided to give leaving my head and face in the shot a try!! Not sure what my feelings are at the moment!

Yesterday, the bf and I had a great day of not really doing anything very exciting!! We had a quiet night in on Saturday (we watched Knocked Up) and had an early night - a good sleep was had!
I had decided to set my alarm for 8.30am on Sunday morning, so that I could get up before my bf and get my walk done early, meaning that we had the rest of the day free.
I was on my way by 9am, I headed down onto the beach and walked as far as I could, I then cut up through some residential streets to get to the main street. I stopped off at the supermarket for supplies for breakfast and headed back home! I was back home in just over 30 minutes - not bad I thought! I had a quick shower and went to wake my bf. We made breakfast together (scrambled eggs and toast - I had bought a lovely un-cut wholemeal loaf) cleared up and headed to the supermarket to stock up on the food needed for the week ahead!

We headed to a local garden centre for a wander around and some yummy home-made lunch! We then went to visit my bf parents - it was a flying visit, as it was a beautiful day and we wanted to enjoy it!
The remainder of the day was spent cutting the grass, sorting washing and reading in the garden! A lovely way to spend a Sunday!


workthatwardrobe said...

I like that look, stylish but businesslike.
Nice to see your heard too.

Elisabeth said...

You look fab! And it sounds like you had a really wonderful weekend :)

Christina Lee said...

Your day sounds so interesting!

Boutique Girl said...

Thank you, I felt good wearing this, smart and serious, but by the time I arrived I was a little hot and bothered!

Allie said...

Great to see the whole you - fab hair!!!