Friday, 29 August 2008

Not fair!

I am feeling a wee bit sorry for myself and thought I would just let all you guys know! You see, the shop is almost 1 year old, which is fab, but I have not had more than 3 days off since November and I am feeling so tired and ready for a break!
On top of this my entire family are all away on their summer holidays in the sun (my mum, dad and one sister are in Orlando and my other sister and her fiance are in Zante). I was doing quite well with this, but I have just had a text from a friend to tell me that she is off to Spain on Tuesday!

I think I just have a case of the green eyed monster, but all I really want is a few days off of work (and worrying about work) in the sun!
I know that I should not complain as we are booked to go a mini break to London and for a week in Orlando, but those still seem so long away (early October and late November).

Oh yeah and the thing that is making me feel worst is, it is my bf's nephews 2nd birthday party tomorrow afternoon and I can not go, as everyone that helps me out in the shop is off sunning themselves!!


Stacy said...

Sounds like you have adequate reason to feel sorry for yourself for a little bit. I'm always jealous too when other people are away at great places and I'm working. said...

3 days off in a year is pretty extreme. You could always tell your regulars in advance and with good timing and signs - they will understand. After all you have buying trips in addition to your own time, etc.