Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Time for a change!

I was having a lovely morning reading Glamour magazine when I came across a little article about Suri Cruise!
Well an article about her hair style should be left to children of her age!!!!

This is currently the style that I have myself and I in no way feel like it is a child like look (I know that it is one favoured by lots of parents for children). For me it is also not an easy style to maintain - there is no get up and go for me, I have to straighten my fringe every morning!

So, it is time for a change, the fringe is going! In all honesty I have been thinking about growing it out for a few weeks, but now I am definitely doing it!

Here are the examples of the people that Glamour magazine thought should grow up and get rid!

1 comment:

Christina Lee said...

Yeah, I think it's ridiculous they are comparing grownup hair to child's hair-please!