Monday, 25 August 2008


Oh dear, I am so bored! It is an English bank holiday today, but unfortunately our banks have taken it too. On top of this the weather is identical to that of a winters night! I have not had one single person through the door all day - not good! However, I have decided that if the situation is still the same in one hour I am going to close early! No point staying when there are not even people out and about walking and browsing.

My weekend was quiet had a few drinks with my parents on Saturday night before they headed off to Orlando for 2 weeks holiday. Sunday was great and very relaxed. I got up early, sorted out some laundry and headed off for a walk along the beach. I stopped off at the supermarket on my way past and bought what I needed to make French Toast for breakfast.
The rest of the morning was spent doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and just pottering around the house.

In the afternoon my bf was helping a friend move house, so I went to meet my friend for coffee. It was great to catch up and hear all her news (she gets married next Friday). I then had a walk along the High Street popped into Boots and picked up some body lotion, I then went to Primark where I got a couple of new necklaces (including the one I have on today) and some new underwear.
The rest of the day was just spent quietly about the house reading and watching TV.

Today's outfit consists of:

Wide legged jeans - American Eagle
Brown bib detail t-shirt - Vila
Tan wedges - Dune
Turquoise glass necklace - Primark
Turquoise charm bracelet - Thomas Sabo
Silver Bracelets - Tiffany


LaCouturier said...

i love american eagle jeans! =)

Anonymous said...

You enjoy your half day girl, you've earned it!

Boutique Girl said...

Lacouturier - I love them too. They fit me so well and they are so comfy!
Elisabeth - I ended up not getting away early! I made a deal with myself that if anyone bought anything I had to stay on for another 30 mins - I had 3 sales so it was not worth heading home early!