Monday, 11 August 2008

This week's plans.

This week, I think, could turn out to be a bit hectic! So far my plans for this week are:

  • Start buying Spring stock for the shop.
  • Make a start of the VAT return for this quarter (Due 01.09.08) YUK!
  • List as much as I can on Ebay to keep money turning over while the shop is quieter.
  • Do a mail drop to let customers and potential customers know about a new brand that (fingers crossed) will be here this week.
  • Get the laundry up to date and keep it that way.
  • Make a point of arranging catch ups with 3 friends.
  • Make healthy lunches in advance!
  • Walk at least 4 times!

I think my bf is home all of this week, so that means that he will be around to help out with chores etc, which will ease the load slightly!


Elisabeth said...

I love making lists and planning out my week, good luck sticking to yours and getting everything done!

Boutique Girl said...

I love lists!! My bf hates that I write lists for everything - he is very un-organised!