Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Saturday 25.09.10


New clothes, new clothes!!!

These are the first clothes that I have taken from the shop for AGES!!! Well I was rather pregnant and then not working for a while. But last week I decided that I had been good for far too long and some jeans and a sweater made their way home with me!

The jeans are super skinny (I had to put them on like tights!!) and they are marketed as bum lifting jeans! The pockets are shaped and positioned to give a nice round and lifted look!
I have to say I like the effect and although the jeans are very skinny, they are very comfortable!

As for the sweater, well it is just so cute - and it goes very well with my new wedge shoe boots!! Need I say more?

Saturday's outfit was:

Jeans - Vila @ i am.....
Sweater - Vila @ i am.....
Vest - Tesco
Boots - Forever 21

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julesey10 said...

I love those jeans. Want some!!! :o) and i love the boots too.Im down over a stone now. Myabe might fit into some soon.x