Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Last night was very hot and humid and it is not much better today! I liked the look I achieved last week with the grey version of this skirt, so I thought I would give the black a try today! The vest top is another from my mini trip to H&M last week!

I have decided to step up my walk this evening, I am going to visit my friend she stays about a mile and a half away from me, so walking there and back should give me a decent work out! When I am alone I walk quickly, so the heart rate should be raised!!

Today's outfit consists of:

Black skirt - Vila
Yellow vest top - H&M
Black beads - H&M
Silver star necklace - Plume


Anonymous said...

Really love your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your walk tonight!

Cute outfit, v. cool and casual, but cute at the same time.