Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Clean up and Clear out!

The time has most definitely come! I am sick fed up with rummaging through all of my cosmetics every single morning just to find my basic bits! My collection of brushes are also in desperate need of a clean, I am afraid to say that I have been neglecting them a bit!

So, this evening I plan to lock myself in the bathroom with my various cosmetic bags, cases and rolls to sort through the vast collection.
I then hope to achieve a cosmetic case of basic everyday pieces - I think a little bag would be best as these are most likely to be the bits that I carry around with me.
I them would like the remainder of the cosmetics that I plan to keep to be sorted out according to what they are and where on the face they are used!

All in all this should make for a swift face making up session each morning! Well I can but hope!

For the brushes my plan is simple. Johnston's Baby Shampoo (the tiniest drop) warm water, white face cloths and a warm flat place to rest!
Cleaning cosmetic brushes is one of those little jobs that I always put off, but when I do get around to doing it, I am always delighted with the next application!

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workthatwardrobe said...

Hi Boutique Girl,
Thanks for posting on my blog and directing me to your great site.
At least there is someone else out there in the UK who likes to post what they wear.
I look forward to keeping up with you.