Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Boho Chic.

This morning when I arrived at the shop August's edition on Company magazine was lying on the mat. So, I have spent most of the day reading that and Elle magazine (US edition). While indulging in this I have read two articles about celebrities that I have never really noticed much before - Kimberley Stewart (Company) and Mary-Kate Olsen (Elle).

These are two girls that regularly rock the Boho Chic look!! I love this look but any time that I try to experiment with it I feel under dressed or messy. I am a huge fan of layering, scarves and jewellery, but on me all together they often do not work!

I recently tied one of my (many) silk scarves around my head (in way of a headband rather than headscarf). Only to be told by my very nice bf that I looked like a wartime field worker!!

I love the boots, shift dress and headband combo!


Elisabeth said...

I am in the same boat as you. I love this look but it just looks ridiculous on me.

Boutique Girl said...

I think the only way I could pull it off is if I was super thin and super rich!!

Elisabeth said...

lol, you and me both girl!

SHOEGAL said...

LOL that's just the kind of thing my young man would say too!

Boutique Girl said...

They are just so helpful sometimes aren't they?