Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Friday 22.01.


Wow - what a long time ago Friday was!? (I am not sure that made very much sense, but OK).

Friday was one of those days that just ran away with me - you know the ones where you look up and it is ten minutes until home time?? I had one of those.

It started off bad when the puppy was up being sick just before 1am. It got a bit worse when she was sick twice more while I was eating breakfast, it got worse still when the vet confirmed that he was going to have to see her. The vet we use is about 15 miles away, I was due to start work and my bf was away with work, so I called my dad who came to the rescue and took her to the vet - where she was kept in all day being checked out!

The day got lots worse when my dad collected her and was given a large bill and then told that they have no idea why she was sick - oh and that it may happen again!! JOY!!

As well as all of this, I took delivery of a few orders for the new season, so I was very busy getting that organised and displayed. But I still did manage to snap a picture of what I was wearing.

Friday's outfit was:

Grey Dress - Target
Cardigan - Vila
Tights - Primark
Scarf - Old Navy
Boots - Bakers


Jane said...

Oh dear, your poor little pup! :(
I hope she is doing better now.

Love your outfit, gorgeous colors!

Kyla said...

Oh, no! I hope Bista is okay! That stinks that the vet was so unhelpful. Iggy got really sick like that a couple winters ago and they said it was a bacterial infection in his intestine and gave him antibiotics. Hope she gets better!