Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 08.01.


First of all.......

Why have I never heard anyone complain that their feet are really cold when they wear Converse All Stars?? I have mine on in the shop (wore my wellies for the walk to work) and my feet are freezing. This is the third time I have worn them and the third time my feet have been so cold that they hurt!

I love this cozy layered look that I have going on today! I am so glad that I bought these maternity cords when we were in Florida. I really do prefer them to my maternity jeans. I just need to make sure I find new ways to style them.

Today's outfit is:

Cords - Liz lange for Target
Vest - Vila
T-shirt - ?
Cardigan - Hollister
Scarf -BlendShe
Shoes - All Stars
Necklace - Bakers


FunkyJunkJewellery said...

Awww, baby baby bump! How are you, gorgeous? I've been reading your blog lately and jut loving your look and how it's developing with pregnancy!

I'm most impressed with your healthy new 2010 and it sounds like you're off to a great start already. I hope we can all support you with that!

I love being all retro too and when I have babies, would love to use cloth nappies. People who have kids just say "NO, don't bother - you have no idea" but I'd really love to!! There are companies who can help you too and bring you new ones etc but I don't know if you're going down that road?

Loads of love to you all, Lins xxx

Boutique Girl said...

Lindsay, We are doing the cloth nappy thing more from a cost point (but I am glad that it is so much greener). We looked into a nappy service but it is about the same price as disposables.

Thanks for your lovely comments - now that I have a bump to work with I am finding it a bit easier to find where my style is now!