Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday 07.01.


First of all I am going to say sorry for the picture today! It was my plan to remove my scarf and to change into my nice grey leather knee high boots. However, at this very moment it is -6C (21F) outside and the scarf and dog walking boots are staying put!

This outfit is great for days like this as everything is a nice snug fit and no chills get to me. I love that this jumper is very comfy and cosy, yet still looks kind of dressy!

Today's outfit is:

Jumper - American Eagle
Cami - American Eagle
Leggings - Vila
Scarf - ??
Necklace - Guess
Boots - Caterpillar

I thought I would leave you all with this Bista picture taken a few nights ago! We had taken her for a longer than usual walk (through the snow) and it had her beat!


Amber said...

Love this outfit - perfect for the current weather. And Bista is just adorable :)

Sher said...

I've always loved that grey striped sweater on you! Stay warm :)

Sarina said...

oh how precious!!!

Jocosa said...

I liked your shes, it is really cool,
with white fur around the corners.
walking boots

Lorena said...

Lovely sweater.... oh and your pup is the cutest !