Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Dream Coming True!

It has always been a dream of mine to work for myself, mainly, due to many bad bosses with power issues.
I have always been interested in fashion, clothes, accessories and how people transform themselves with these objects.
So the dream became to have a beautiful little fashion boutique that people were drawn to, where they could find something a bit different without breaking the bank!
This year my dream became a reality….
I began trading early autumn 2007. After weeks of transforming the premises into the picture that I had in my head.
The colour scheme had to be just so. I had a vision of the classic “Tiffany” blue, but did not want to rip off someone else’s look, so I came up with a pale but bright turquoise.
The entire frontage of the boutique was painted in this bright and attractive colour, as was the internal display place and a feature wall.
The rest of the walls and wood work were kept simple and clean in white.
I decided that carpet was to be laid (in place of laminate or some other industrial material) for a feeling of warmth and comfort. I contacted a local flooring company and asked for information on hardwearing carpet options. I finally settled on a grey blue industrial carpet.
Displaying my stock was something that I took a lot of time researching. I knew instantly that I did not want the traditional hooks and racks that shop fitters had to offer. The rails were to look and feel like a wardrobe without the casing to create, the fantastic, feel of a walk in wardrobe. Therefore people could imagine the item that they wanted hanging in their very own wardrobe.
The small, finishing, touches were hugely important to me….. The chair in the changing room had to be aged, but not old. The mirrors I wanted to be just what you would have at home. Honest mirrors! Not the trick or slimming mirrors that some of the chain stores use.
The counter was a similar thing. After thinking that I wanted an aged table, I saw a 1950’s display cabinet and it was perfect! It is 50% glass and the other 50% is aged pale wood. It is just fabulous, has room to display my favourite pieces and to store all of the bits and bobs that I need everyday. The remains of stickers and old pieces of sticky tape only add to its character - I am fully aware that it has helped someone else before coming to me…….
The clothes were hung, the carrier bags were ready to be filled and finally it was time to open my doors!
The most nerve racking night of my life so far was the night I opened my boutique with a champagne launch. There was no need to worry, it went fantastically and from there word started to spread.
There were rumours of fantastic, unique pieces…but at high street prices……
I was so proud, excited and nervous I thought I might just burst!

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Great start!!