Friday, 29 February 2008

Seasons according to fashion!!

Ok, so I am still very new to the fashion industry. But surely Febuary is not the time of year for shorts??

I arrived at work this morning, ran a few errands and headed back in time for opening. There was a note waiting on the other side of the door.
It was short and to the point...... "Package left at Florist" (next door).
I went in to the afore mentioned florist and thanked them for kindly taking my package (in the 10 minutes that I was not there) and headed back into my own shop.

Started to unpack in usual manner and I have to say I was rather shocked to see (beautiful) Linen shorts!!! I am aware that there are some very, very lucky people who by this point in the year are enjoying bright and somewhat mild days, but shorts????

Anyway, they are steamed, hung on the rails and beautifully displayed in my window. The fact that it is 7 degrees and raining outisde is not the point here - Fashion, as always, is!!!

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