Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Fashion is a funny old thing! The main aim is to have everyone lusting over a creation!! So why is everyone in the fashion industry so secretive??

I have decided to expand my business and sell menswear as well as ladies. I had my first appointment with an agent for a male label........ It was awful!
The majority of my agents for ladieswear are ladies. They know their stock, they know their market and most importantly they are very nice to deal with!

The male agent I met could be a one off, but he was awful. Truly unprofessional and completly fashion clueless! How can that be possible?
He was rude to me and to his staff. He repeatedly tried to tell me what my business needed and basically kept trying to boost his commision. When I pointed out that I did not want one of his suggestions he had a childlike tantrum!

After an hour of torture I was leaving and he asked where I was going. I explained that I had an apoointment with someone in the same building! I almost laughed out loud when he told me to remember not to mention any of what had gone on in his showroom!!!

The only positive part of my day was that my female agent friend (who I popped in to see while out and about) told me that the guy I had been to see was notorius and was known in the business as "Bullshit Billy".

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