Monday, 24 March 2008

Should I be giving discounts?

I have started to get some really regular and loyal customers and I am a bit puzzled about what to do to show my appreciation.
Should I give them a little off of each purchase, or should I maybe wait until they are spending a little more than usual and pop an item in the bag for free?

It is quite a hard one as I don't want people to think that they automatically get money off when they shop with me. But at the same time I do want them to pick my shop over others.
I know that I am making this more of a problem than it actually is.....

Could a loyalty card be the answer? For example, five recorded purchases and then get a 20% discount off of the next purchase?
Or should I just be like the chain stores and give nothing for free?


Allie said...

I know in past experiences, what customers care more about than discounts is personalized service. I had an index card box with cards for all my best customers. on each card was their contact information, clothing size, and notes about what they had purchased, etc. I would call them when I would get in a shipment of garments they may like, and hold in back their size (like 48 hours). If they told me when they were coming, I would have a fitting room ready with those items and a couple other items that may compliment the garment (and make the sale larger). I also used to note if they had kids, pets, fave color, etc. so when when we conversed I was familiar with thier life and it was more intimate/like friends. Went a long way! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Allie's comments. It sounds like your clothes are reasonably priced, in which case a discount probably isn't necessary.

I think you have to be careful when offering a discount to not turn off other customers. I once bought a large amount of clothing in a high price store (new job for me and hubby) and they didn't even offer free shipping. The next customer in line bought an inexpensive purse and was offered a big discount. I don't know if she normally spilled thousands there but I do remember, rightly or wrongly, feeling a bit hurt.

Anonymous said...

I like allie's idea and I also like the discount card idea, both would have me coming back all the time. I live in the usa or I would be shopping there now as I love your clothing posts.
I see you sell on ebay, if you post your ebay id or store name I would love to browse there.