Thursday, 27 March 2008

Nearly there!

I am taking part in a charity fashion show and thankfully it is almost upon me. I say I am taking part, the truth is that I am providing the clothes for a part of the event.

I have spent all morning putting pieces together, tagging everything, and steaming everything so that it all looks ship shape.
I have had the models in and they have tried on their respective outfits. This was a nightmare.......
Only two of them were the size that I had been told they would be - this meant that I had to steam and organise more garments. They were late (a trait that I can not stand) and then two of them were not happy with what I had prepared for them to wear.
The high waisted craze is not big among the 16 year olds, and to ask them to tuck a shirt into a pair of high waisted trousers is just UNCOOL!

However, I am doing this in the name of charity and free advertising and by this time tomorrow I will have dropped all of the clothes off at the venue and will be planning my own outfit for the evening!
The champagne reception can not come soon enough.........

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