Friday, 14 March 2008

As they say "Lesson Learned".

I have just (well about an hour ago) had my first encounter with a shoplifter! To be fair it was not much of an encounter......
She came in took two garments (turns out it was three) into the changing room and left with one in her bag!!!
She must have had one snuck in between the others. When I went into clear up after her I put the two garments back on the rails and then noticed a coat-hanger on the floor (tucked under a chair).

I am a very small business owner, and my shop is only 6 months old. I do not have a waste budget, therefore, this is a personal loss! I have also taken this as a personal attack. I am trying not to. The offender was clearly under the influence of something!!
None the less I feel like a fool.

I wanted my shop to be somewhere that customers were not followed around and made to feel like they were being watched. Turns out I was too trusting.
Oh well and I now off to Google CCTV installation.........

I am also thinking of putting a similar sign on display. Is that cheeky???

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