Saturday, 8 March 2008

Am I becoming a business woman??

I am finding it harder and harder to switch off when I leave work, my partner and I will be having dinner or lying in bed and I will suddenly start to make lists of things that have to be done! I have my diary with me at all times, it is like a lifeline and the thought of (god forbid) losing it fills me with dread! I have taken the precaution of making a list of all my suppliers and customers details elsewhere, just in case!!!

I am planning on expanding my business this year! I want to do it before we start to expand our family!
My shop has only been open 6 months, is it too early to expand?
I can see huge potential for the shop and the twon that it is situated in and I want to get in there and expand before anyone else does!

Thankfully my partner is also in business (in a very different field) so he is not put off with my lists, stresses and late nights after early starts!

Anyway, enough with the slacking, I better get back to building my empire!!!

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