Tuesday, 25 March 2008

What is Work Casual??

I am unsure of what "Work Casual" is exactly. Or to be put a better way, what other people interpret it to be.
For me work casual is smart jeans and a shirt/cashmere sweater/smock style top. I tend to dress my style of of work casual on a Monday (usually a quiet day for me) or a day where I am hoovering the skirting boards and hard to reach places. The rest of the time I dress in the styles that I currently have on sale in my shop.

I have found that since I have been working for myself I take a lot more care over my look each day. I plan my weeks wardrobe on a Sunday evening (where possible, I do not turn down social invites to do this) and I try to have things washed and ironed in advance.
I like to keep on top of my hair cuts and make sure that my hair is always clean and styled.

I wear make-up everyday now. Before I used to moisturise and go. But now I make sure that my lip gloss or eyeshadow is a shade that matches my dress or my top. I even carry a small collection of make-up essentials with me in my handbag to touch up throughout the day.

Work casual is now an outfit that I wear very rarely to work. I feel that it does not show myself and my business off in the best way.

I have been thinking about where this change has came from and it came to me quite quickly.
I am the only employee in my shop. I do not have a big advertising campaign. Therefore, I am the face of my brand! So, if I don't make the effort who will?

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