Tuesday, 11 March 2008


It is really all that I have to say on the matter of customer returns! I am aware that customer has the right to return any goods that are unsatisfactory in standard, faulty or do not do the job that they are intended to do. But what most people do not know is that, by law, retailers are only required to refund or exchange goods that are proven to be faulty.

So today in strolls a customer with one of the tell tale carrier bags (one from my shop). She explained that after getting the item home she has decided that she no longer needs or even wants it! I usually always exchange goods or offer a credit note as a jesture of good will. As I am still building a name for myself and my shop!
However, I ask that goods are returned within 14 days of the purchase date, they still have all of the tags attached and that the sales receipt is provided.

Of course the said customer had removed the tags before she decided that she did not want the garment! This lead to some disscussion back and forth and with her claiming that she was going to report me to trading standards! Thankfully, I am aware of my rights (I had a far uglier situation some months before) and was able to show her from the booklet that I received that I was in fact doing nothing wrong.

It would be nice to have a waste budget to absorb loses and keep customers happy.......
But, really that is never going to happen is it??

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