Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It is all grey.

I am now sick of winter. I have had enough of dark nights, dark mornings, dark clouds and most of all dark clothes.
My shop is full of lovely spring lines in the most beautiful shades of orange, green, yellow and blue to mention but a few. But yet I still am wearing things from my winter wardrobe, this is because it is still far too cold to bare too much flesh yet.

It is late march and I still have all of the heaters on all day, the window lights on all day and my scarf on all day. When is Spring going to make an appearance? This constant grey-ness is getting to me more and more every day......

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Allie said...

THANK YOU for commenting on my blog. If you hadn't I would have never found your gem of a blog! As one who worked in clothing retail management for almost a decade and have always desired a boutique of her own, I adore your posts, updates and thought process! I want to come visit and go shopping!

One thing, the light green font is a tad hard to read.

When shall we have pictures of your boutique? :)