Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Easter Event.

I have decided that I am going to hold off on the advertising for now (it is was too expensive) but I have another plan......
I am holding a 3 day Easter Event! Basically 3 days where I will be taking 10% off of every item in my shop!
I feel that it is worth a try.

I took myself along to the local printer and gave him the details of what I wanted put on a poster to put in my shop window. He does all of my printing for me, so he knows what font, colours etc, etc, etc. I left my poster in his very capable hands........

Fast forward 3 days, I get a call from the printer to say that my layout is ready.....
Clueless, I ask what I layout is? Does he mean my poster?
He kindly explains that they are unable to do a poster in the size that I want, so he has come up with a design and put it on a disc for me to take to another printer!!!!!
Why oh why did he take the job?

I have had to pay for the layout and I am now 3 days behind with my poster (which is my advertising).
Will I try and save myself money in the future??

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