Friday, 21 March 2008

It is a Good Friday!!

It is Easter Weekend, lots of lucky people are off work, school etc for a few days and the sun is shinning! It is still bitterly cold (and could possibly snow) but it is a lovely day.
And because of all of these factors (well that and I have taken 10% off of everything in my shop) I have been really busy so far today!

I love days like this. They are what get me through the rainy days where I have no customers! It looks like spring and people start thinking about getting out of black and grey clothes and injecting some colour back into their lives!

People love what I have on offer, I love that people are out and about (and buying from my shop) and everyone is starting to look towards summer!!
I do still feel a little guilty about selling Linen Shorts when the temperature is only in single figures, I am sure it will pass though (the guilt that is).

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