Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday 03.11.10



But hey - I am here! That is something!!

In work two days in a row, but all for the good of my little family. By working today I can have Saturday off to be with the best two people in the world (and a very cute dog). As a family we have a Sunday together but I have managed to work out a way of getting one Saturday a month off so that we can get two family days! Just means that I work a Wednesday instead!

It is a bit of a muddle as we have no childcare on a Wednesday. So today my lovely BF got up at 4am and went to work until 9am. He then came home and looked after Orla to let me come to work. My sister (who was working night shift last night) has come over to our house to let BF go into work until 5.30pm. I will be home by 5pm to let her away to her bed!

It is wet and miserable here today and the wind that is blowing is a rather chilly one (it is just as well that we have a fabulous range of hats, scarves and gloves now online) so I decided it was a day for a jumper!

Today's look is:

Bum lifting jeans - Vila @ i am.....
Vest top - Tesco
Bow detail jumper - Vila @ i am.....
Boots - Forever 21


Between Laundry Days said...

I love the bow detailing on the sweater!!

SHOEGAL said...

Great jeans ;)
And I like that sweater.

Lini said...

Great booties!