Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Saturday 10.12. - A night out!!


As I am self employed I do not have works Christmas party, so for all that we have lots on in December I do not have the worry of finding a Christmas party dress or outfit.

However, this year my good friend turned 30 and decided to have a festive night out and dinner to celebrate. As this was my only dressy night out I did not want to go too over the top, but I wanted to look festive and dressed up.

The sequin blazer came into stock a few weeks before we went on holiday and I took one to wear over a black jumpsuit to a family wedding. I knew that I wanted to wear it again during the festive season, so it was the first part of my night out look.

While we were away the dress was delivered to the shop stocks and I loved how it was comfortable and casual jersey with the cute lace detail. Having just spent 10 days in the sunshine I decided to be brave and go with bare legs.

All in all I really like the look and will wear it again.

Night out look was:

Dress - Blend
Blazer - Blend
Shoes - Christian Louboutin


30's Beauty said...

You look great! How did you lose your baby weight!

SHOEGAL said...

Fab outfit, love the sparkly blazer and the pretty shoes!

Boutique Girl said...

Thanks for the compliments. To lose the baby weight (and the gain well after the baby weight) I used Weight Watchers.

Kimberly said...

You look fab! Yay for nights out! Also, yay for WW! :-)

~Hurricane B~ said...

You look fantastic. You had a baby how long ago? Those shoes....oh the shoes....=)