Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday 06.12.


As it was so long ago I have very little to say about this look.

Well other than I love the skirt. I had noticed it in Primark in the autumn and liked it, however, I did not like it enough to pay the price tag (it was not a huge amount of money but....). Anyway I was in town with my mum and Miss O the day before and this was on a clearance rack for £1.00!! Yep just £1.00 - it was the only one so I grabbed it and bought it ( I did not try it on as it was only £1.00). I am really pleased with it and have a few ideas in mind of other ways to wear it soon.

Outfit was:

Skirt - Primark
Tee - B Young
Cardigan - Blend
Tights - SkunkFunk
Boots - Forever 21

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