Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Weekend.

What a lovely weekend I have had - even though I was only off on Sunday! I thought I would share what I got up to!

On Saturday I was in work as usual, but it was a lovely bright spring day so it did not feel like a chore.
Before work on Saturday morning I was cleaning the shower after using and I slipped while getting into the cubicle and gave myself a nasty bang to the leg! I then stupidly wore wedge shoes and then stood for 7 hours - so Saturday evening was quiet. I made us some yummy chicken fajitas for dinner and we then lay along the sofa (me reading my book and my bf watching the football highlights). We then had a nice early night and a very restful sleep!

Sunday was a fantastic day! We woke early and walked (1.5miles each way) to the supermarket for the groceries for the week ahead, we then had breakfast together before I cleaned up the kitchen and my bf mowed the grass. It was then time for a quick shower and change for us both before we headed out to my bf's mum's house for Easter lunch with all of his family.
It was such a beautiful afternoon that we all sat outside eating.

The rest of the afternoon was spent spending time with my bf's family and playing in the sum with his young nephews.
After lunch we headed home to make the most of the beautiful day and get some jobs done in the garden. We managed to get some carrots and leeks planted in our veg patch - fingers crossed we get to eat what we grow! we moved a blackberry bush to a new position and we put the tomato and courgette plants (that I have grown from seed) into the greenhouse. We are also having a go at growing lettuce, rocket & marigolds!

The weekend was topped off my 2 of our very good friends coming to stay. We had a glass of wine the garden before heading out for a light dinner and a few drinks.
It was a lovely (very busy) day!

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!

Some pictures of what I have managed to grow so far!

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